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Sardinia Jet Charter

Private Jet Charter Flights to Olbia & Cagliari

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Charter a private jet and indulge in the unrivaled luxury and beauty of Sardinia, a sublime island located in the Mediterranean Sea just west of the Italian Peninsula.

Sardinia charter flights
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Renting a luxury private jet to Olbia or Cagliari is the most comfortable, secure and stylish way to start your getaway across Sardinia, and ACA is your dedicated partner for luxury jet rentals, helicopter transfers and yacht and catamaran charters during your Mediterranean holiday.

Air Charter Advisors offers on-demand private jet charter service to/from Sardinia, Italy, and our services extend around the world. Whether you’re vacationing from Europe, the Americas, or anywhere in between, we have access to thousands of luxurious, stylish private jets based around the world, and we can connect you with the perfect aircraft for your trip.

Sardinia Air Charter Advisors

registeredSafety is our company’s number one priority, and ACA goes the extra nautical mile when reviewing potential options for your trip. Our jet charter company is a Premium Wyvern Broker Member, one of the highest accreditation standards in private aviation.

We review aircraft maintenance, operator history and pilot experience when selecting aircraft and crew options for your flight. The aircraft we use for charter flights to Sardinia are operated by FAR Part 135 or 121 (or foreign equivalent) air carriers, giving you peace of mind when arranging your flight with us.

Our clients have ranged from distinguished passengers such as royal family members, heads of state and C-level executives, to VIP celebrities, personal assistants and leisure travelers who wish to visit this island paradise.

Enjoy the peace of mind you get from working with an air charter company you can trust, and we’ll become your local and global aviation solution for luxury air travel, aircraft acquisition and private jet management.

Call or request a quote for jet charter service to destinations across Sardinia. Whether you’re interested in renting a jet to Cagliari, Alghero, Tortoli or Costa Smeralda – consider our private jet charter brokers your comprehensive solution for all things private aviation in Sardinia, Italy.

Cost to Charter a Private Jet in Sardinia

The cost to charter a private flight to/from Olbia & Cagliari starts at around $2,000 an hour* for a turboprop, $5,000 an hour* for a light jet, $7,000 an hour* for a midsize jet, and $10,000 an hour* or more for a long range jet or group charter flights on a VIP airliner. Learn more private jet charter rates and factors that go into charter flight pricing..

Hourly Charter Rates in Sardinia*
$1,000 – $2,000/hour
$1,500 – $3,000/hour
Very Light Jets (VLJ)
$2,500 – $3,500/hour
Light Jets
$3,500 – $4,800/hour
Super Light Jets
$4,250 – $5,250/hour
Midsize Jets
$4,800 – $6,000/hour
Super Midsize Jets
$6,000 – $7,500/hour
Heavy Jets
$8,500 – $10,500/hr
Long Range Jets
$12,000 – $15,000/hr
VIP Airliners
$18,000 – $30,000/hr

* Hourly charter rates in Sardinia will vary depending on aircraft make, model and year, as well as amenities, routing, fuel prices, and scheduling/availability.

Airports for Private Flights to Sardinia, Italy

Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport – Olbia, Italy
Runway Length: 8,022 feet

Cagliari Elmas Airport – Cagliari, Italy
Runway Length: 9,199 feet

Alghero-Fertilia Airport – Alghero, Italy
Runway Length: 9,842 feet

Tortoli-Arbatax Airport – Tortoli, Italy
Runway Length: 3,917 feet

Aircraft for Charter Flights to Sardinia

Air Charter Advisors has access to the private aircraft listed below, all operated by FAR Part 135 or 121 (or foreign equivalent) air carriers. We can provide several aircraft options based on your goals and budget, whether you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative to flying commercial, or for the most luxurious private jet on the market.

Check out our Aircraft Gallery for more details on all of the planes available for your private flight to (LIEO, OLB) Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport, (LIEE, CAG) Cagliari Elmas Airport, or (LIEA, AHO) Alghero-Fertilia Airport. If you don’t see your preferred aircraft type listed below, speak to one of our brokers and they will locate one for you.

Pistons & Turboprops

View all Pistons and Turboprops

Small Jets

View all VLJ | Light Jets | Super Light

Medium Jets

View all Midsize and Super Midsize Jets

Large Jets

View all Heavy Jets | View all Long Range Jets | View all VIP Airliners

Visit the Island of Sardinia

Destinations > Europe > Italy

The slogan for the island of Sardinia is ‘Almost a Continent‘, and after your private flight arrives, it’s easy to see why.

Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, is located just west of the Italian peninsula.

Source: Flickr

The island features nearly 2,000 kilometers of coastline and sandy beaches, along with a mountainous terrain making it a popular for hikers. Sardinia features some of the most exclusive resort stays in the world, and is a popular destination among celebrities.

It’s also full of rich and unique wildlife, and the island’s isolation has provided the gift of diversity – fear not, however, as none of the animals found here are very dangerous or poisonous, giving wildlife photographers some incredible shots without fear of harm.

Visitors love coming to Sardinia for its wide variety of activities and water-sports, from swimming, yachting, windsurfing, hiking, climbing and camping, and the coastal areas become flooded with tourists, particularly during August, its hottest month of the year.

You’ll also find that the rugged, Sardinian landscape is covered with beehive shaped ruins called “nuraghi”; there are nearly 8,000 of these stone dwellings, and the most well known, Su Nuraxi, is a UNESCO heritage site.

Porto Cervo, a popular Italian seaside resort in northern Sardinia, is the the main center of the Costa Smeralda. Celebrities, VIP clients and affluent travelers frequently charter flights to Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport (LEIO, OLB) for lavish Mediterranean holidays. Porto Cervo hosts its own annual wine festival, as well as an international food festival, Edizione.

Check out the expanded sections below to learn more about Sardinia.

Explore Sardinia

Sardinia has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, with beaches such as Cala Gonone, Li Coggi beach, and Costa Smeralda consistently recognized by international magazines and travel websites.

Source: Wikimedia

Cagliari, the southern capital of Sardinia, was built on seven hills, and provides visitors with stunning views of the Gulf of Cagliari, especially from Bastione San Remy. The capital city is a great place to explore local flavors, but there many traditional restaurants across Sardinia worth exploring, too.

The Costa Smeralda is located in northeast, and its a favorite holiday destination for some of the wealthiest people in the world. Many celebrities chose Sardinia’s Emerald Coast to spend their summers, and in the summer months of July and August, the harbor of Porto Cervo is the place to be for yacht spotting, where multi-million dollar yachts such as the Maltese Falcon can be seen at Porto Cervo Yacht Club.

If you’re interested in adding a luxury yacht to your trip, our team is happy to arrange a private luxury yacht charter, allowing you to captain your own Mediterranean voyage.

Contact us for more details.

Although it currently belongs to the Italians, the island of Sardinia has changed hands across a variety of empires throughout the course of its history, from the Phoenicians, Romans and Pisans to the Genoese, Spaniards and eventually the Italians.

This cultural confluence is reflected in the island’s architecture and cuisine, leaving behind traces of its past from the medieval street of its cosmopolitan capital, Cagliari, to the Spanish influences in Alghero along the Coral Riviera.

Check out more of our recommendations for attractions and activities after your private flight to Sardinia, Italy.

Cala Mariolu (Baunei)
Hidden, white-pebble & sand beach with a rocky natural arch, popular for its rock climbing routes.
Località Cala Goloritzè, 08040 Baunei OG

La Pelosa Beach (Stintino)
One of the western-most beaches with shallow turquoise waters and salty white sands. Surfboards and canoes are for available for rent at the nearby Stintino Windsurfing Center.
Viale la Pelosa, 07040 Stintino

Capo Testa (Santa Teresa di Gallura)
Known also as “Taltana”, the beach features crystal clear water and a low shore. It is surrounded by enchanting coves and thick Mediterranean vegetation.
Santa Teresa Gallura OT

Capo Caccia Vertical Cliffs
Neptunes Grotto, 07041, Alghero
+39 347 290 3101

Wine Resort Ledà d’Ittiri
Località Arenosu, 07041 Alghero – Fertilia SS
+39 329 252 8891

Su Nuraxi
9021 Barumini VS
+39 070 936 8128

Yacht Club Costa Smeralda
Via della Marina, 07021 Porto Cervo OT, Italy
+39 078 990 2200

Luxury Hotels

If you’re a high-end luxury traveler, Sardinia is the place to go for ultra-expensive hotels. ranked the world’s priciest hotels based on average luxury stay in 2012, and the island was home to 5 of the top 8 on the list, including the number one resort, Le Dune at Forte Village Resort, located 25 kilometers SW of Cagliari in Santa Margherita di Pula.

Source: pixabay

The Costa Smeralda along the northeast is a favorite holiday destination for some of the world’s wealthiest and most successful people, and many celebrities and VIPs fly here to vacation along Sardinia’s Emerald Coast during their summers.

With so many hotel and resort options to choose from, we’ve created a list of our top choices based on factors such as Sardinia Jet Charter passenger feedback, location, amenities and online reviews. Once you arrive at your preferred destination via luxury private jet, our brokers can also arrange ground transportation to/from the hotel or resort of your choice.

Forte Village Resort – Le Dune, Villa del Parco and Castello
SS 195 Km 39.600, I-09010 Santa Margherita di Pula, Pula, Italy
+39 070 921 8818

Hotel Pitrizza
Costa Smeralda, 07020 Porto Cervo, Italy
+39 078 993 0111

Hotel Cala di Volpe
Località Cala di Volpe, 07021 Porto Cervo OT, Italy
+39 078 997 6111

L’Ea Bianca Luxury Resort
Cala dei Ginepri, 07021 Baja Saridinia Arzachena OT, Italy
+39 0789 974311

Club Hotel Torre Moresca
Località Cala Ginepro, 08028 Orosei NU, Italy
+39 0784 91230

Cervo Hotel, Costa Smeralda Resort
Costa Smeralda, 07020 Porto Cervo, Province of Olbia-Tempio, Italy
+39 0789 931111

Alghero Resort Country Hotel
Via Carrabuffas, Alghero SS, Italy
+39 079 986 555

Villa Las Tronas Hotel & Spa
Lungomare Valencia, 1, 07041 Alghero SS, Italy
+39 079 981 818

Luci di La Muntagna
Via Sa Conca, 55, 07021 Porto Cervo OT, Italy
+39 078 994 510

Hotel Romazzino
Costa Smeralda, 07020 Porto Cervo, Arzachena OT, Italy
+39 078 997 7111

Resort Valle dell’Erica
Località Valle dell’Erica, Santa Teresa Gallura SS, Italy
+39 078 979 0340

Yacht Charters

Porto Cervo, located just 30 kilometers north of (OLB) Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport, is a premier yachting destination in the Mediterranean Sea. A luxury yacht charter puts you in the captain’s chair for your voyage across the Mediterranean, and ACA can handle all of the maritime arrangements for you and your crew.

Source: Flickr

Our private aviation team works with yacht and catamaran providers from around the globe to charter luxury yachts for our clients while on holiday, and we’ve connected our passengers to luxury yachts and catamarans around the world during their holiday, from Miami to Manhattan to the Mediterranean.

Speak with one of our Porto Cervo Jet Charter brokers and discuss the goals of your trip. We’ll present you with a variety of options for your trip, accommodating budgets up to seven figures per week and beyond. Set sail on your own voyage by adding a yacht charter to your trip, and explore the Mediterranean with a luxury yacht charter in Porto Cervo or other destinations across Sardinia.

Local Airports for Sardinia Private Flights

Air Charter Advisors arrange private jet charter service to/from the following airports to fly clients privately to/from Sardinia, Italy and neighboring areas.

(LIEE, CAG) Cagliari Elmas Airport – Cagliari, Italy

Runway Length: 9,199 feet
FBO Service: Sogaerdyn | Argos VIP Private Handling

Charter a flight to Cagliari Elmas Airport (IATA: CAG, ICAO: LIEE), an international airport located in Elmas, serving the Cagliari area on the Italian island of Sardinia. It’s located around 7 kilometers from the city center of Cagliari.

(CAG) Cagliari Elmas opened in 1937, and wasn’t upgraded until 2003, when the terminal was expanded and provided with 6 jetbridges for passenger boarding, raising the a capacity to 4 million passengers per year. In 2014, the airport handled more than 3.6 million passengers.

(LIEE, CAG) Cagliari Elmas Airport features a single 9,199 foot asphalt runway to handle private jets and airliners, and FBO service is offered by Sogaerdyn, and Argos VIP Private Handling.

(LIEA, AHO) Alghero-Fertilia Airport – Alghero, Italy

Alias: Alghero – Riviera del Corallo Airport Runway Length: 9,842 feet

Fly private to Alghero-Fertilia Airport (IATA: AHO, ICAO: LIEA), an international airport located about 5 miles north-northwest of Alghero, in northern Sardinia, Italy. The airport is sometimes referred to as Alghero – Riviera del Corallo Airport, or simply as Alghero Airport.

(AHO) Alghero-Fertilia Airport opened in 1938 as a military airport, and in 2015, it handled more than 1.6 million passengers. Alghero AHO features a single 9,842 foot asphalt runway, perfect for arranging flights on long-range and heavy jets.

(LIEO, OLB) Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport –  Olbia, Italy

Runway Length: 8,022 feet
FBO Service: Eccelsa General Aviation

Book your private flight to Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport (IATA: OLB, ICAO: LIEO), the main gateway into the Emerald Coast (Costa Smeralda) area of Sardinia, a popular holiday destination during the summer months. The airport is just a 40 minute drive from Porto Cervo, one of the most premier yachting areas in the world.

Costa Smeralda is a popular private jet hub for the rich and famous, and the route between the (OLB) Costa Smeraldaand (NCE) Cote d’Azur in Nice, France was one of the top 10 business jet routes in late 2016. In 2004, it was renovated to accommodate more than 4.5 million passengers annually, complete with shops and restaurants, a wine bar, a small art gallery and indoor garden areas displaying local flora.

(OLB) Olbia Costa Smeralda features a single 8,022 foot concrete/asphalt runway to accommodate jets of all sizes, including Gulfstream IVs, Gulfstream Vs and G650s. The airport also features its own private jet terminal, offering additional privacy for private jet passengers, while providing them with efficient, timely arrivals and departures. FBO service at OLB is provided by Eccelsa General Aviation.

(LIET, TTB) Tortoli-Arbatax Airport – Tortoli, Italy

Runway Length: 3,917 feet

Smaller aircraft such as pistons and turbo-props can take advantage of Tortolì-Arbatax Airport (IATA: TTB, ICAO: LIET), a regional airport located in the Province of Ogliastra in the central-east portion of Sardinia, Italy.

(TTB) Tortoli-Arbatax is located around 140 km from Cagliari, and offers a single asphalt runway measuring 3,917 feet long. The airport was originally built in the 1960’s to support a nearby paper mill, and today, TTB does not service scheduled flights.

Related Destinations

Air Charter Advisors can also arrange private jet charter service to/from any of the following destinations.

Sardinia Jet Charter Services | Request a Quote

Book your private flight to Sardinia by requesting a quote or giving us a call at 1-888-987-5387 to speak with one of our Sardinia Private Jet Charter service brokers. Our team is available for you by phone and email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Whether you’re flying private for business or leisure, we can help arrange the right aircraft and flight itinerary that best meets your needs. ACA believes in providing private flyers with a one-on-one consultative service experience that exceeds every expectation.

We understand that your time, privacy, flight preferences and most of all, safety, are all extremely important, which is why you can expect quick response times and an easy, hassle-free booking process.