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Wyvern Broker

Safety is first!

How We Prove It:

Out of thousands of air charter companies around the globe, we’re a registered “Wyvern Broker”, taking a pledge and demonstrating our dedication to passenger safety and business transparency. Our team is proud to be part of this elite group; and to be considered part of the top 2% of air charter companies in the world.

Wyvern is a globally recognized seal of aviation safety. The Wyvern product offers the largest network of Wyvern audited aircraft operators, and helpful tools to determine which operation and personnel will be best for your flight.

What This Means:

Although safety has always been our top priority, and consistently displayed through the implementation of our “Star Operator Network”, we chose to partner with Wyvern to add an extra layer to our safety due diligence process.

We believe Wyvern is the standard for safety intelligence within the majority of Fortune 500 organizations along with corporate flight departments thus why we have selected them to provide us with data, statistics, and reporting to help our charter clients make informed decisions as to which pilots and aircraft they should choose for their flights.

For all private jet charter flights, we perform a careful review of indicators including operator and pilot operational history, pilot experience levels and the level of insurances coverages that the operations department offers.

Our Pledge:

It is very important to us that our clients are aware of our serious efforts to be completely transparent. To support our efforts, these are some of the pledges we have made:

  • Our team will continue to conduct fair business practices.
  • We will continue to offer transparent pricing for our clients.
  • We will continue to follow all regulatory guidelines, rules and principles.
  • Air Charter Advisors will continue our Safety Culture – performing a safety review of each mission which may include tools like the Wyvern program in addition to our current tools, and only conducting business with operators we are comfortable using.

Although competitive pricing is important for us to offer, we put our passenger’s safety first. Our safety program is a key factor of our business practices and allows us to stand out from the rest. Never hesitate to contact our team for more information.

We are always happy to share our research (or reports) with our clients.

To verify our Wyvern status: