Chartering a private flight is the most comfortable, luxurious, and secure way to travel anywhere around the world. There are more than 15,000 planes available to be chartered around the world, flying privately to and from more than 100 times the number of airports available with scheduled commercial flights.

What was once something reserved for celebrities, executives, and HNWI’s has now become more available (and affordable) than ever before. Memberships with new shiny jet cards and going halfsies with your friend on a fractional aircraft offer affluent flyers with alternative ways to travel without spending millions of dollars.

Although jet clubs and fractional programs offer new ways to fly private, the easiest and most economical way to get into a piston aircraft, turboprop, or private jet is by chartering on-demand. This doesn’t require the same upfront payments as private jet cards and fractional ownership. All that’s needed to charter a plane is to put down a deposit.

Renting a private plane is nothing like flying commercial. Whether you’re relaxing and laying down on a plush divan or sitting around a conference table conducting business midair, charter planes provide unsurpassed levels of comfort, privacy, and security. So how do executives, HNWI’s, and affluent travelers arrange their flights? Read more to learn how to charter a plane for your next flight.

What to know when Chartering a Private Plane 

Looking into chartering a jet for your next flight? Here’s are some things you should know before requesting a quote for your private plane charter.

Where You’re Going

You choose the destination when renting a private jet, along with the date & time of your departure. Don’t worry about scheduling your day around your flight – charter flights are scheduled around you. You won’t have to waste hours at busy commercial airports, either. Private terminals allow you to quickly board your plane without dealing with long security lines and baggage claims. Just show your ID to the pilots and you’ll be welcome on board, departing in as little as 5-15 minutes. You’ll also have access to private airports and regional, county, and municipal airports that allow you to fly closer to your home, office, or preferred destination.

Who You’re Going With

When you book a private plane, you get to decide who comes with you, whether it’s family, colleagues, close friends, or your entourage. You can even rent a pet-friendly plane to bring your dogs, cats, and other pets! Please note that you can not purchase a seat or split the cost on a legal part 135 charter. Shared flights are available to “known members” of a club or jet card. Payment for aircraft rentals can be divided among passengers after the fact, however, private plane charters must be contracted and paid for individually.

What You’re Bringing

Knowing what you’ll bring with you on-board your flight will help determine the appropriate aircraft when booking your flight. Each plane offers different configurations in terms of baggage space, passenger amounts, fuel capacity, weight totals, and more. If you’re traveling heavy with up to 10 passengers, you may need to move up to the next size aircraft. Likewise, calculating passenger weights, luggage amounts, and flight distance may save you thousands by hiring a smaller size airplane.

Ask Questions

There are some questions you should always ask, regardless of who you’re working with.

Ask if there are two pilots or one

We always recommend two pilots for added safety, although single pilot operations may be available for short flights on smaller planes.

Are there any daily minimums?

Daily minimums and taxi fees can quickly double the cost of shorter flights. With a $9,000 hourly rate, you would assume a 40-minute flight could cost $6,000. However, if there’s a daily minimum of 1.5 hours, the cost rises to $13,500, plus taxi time. Learn more about private jet charter rates.

Safety First

Never be afraid to ask your broker, operator, or private jet club about their safety standards. Reputable providers will prominently display their safety standards and accreditation, and are more than happy to answer any of your questions regarding pilots, aircraft, operators, or incidents. You’ll also want to work with a company following the latest FAA broker regulations and operator standards. ACA’s network of aircraft rentals offers more than 10,000 charter planes that meet and/or exceed FAA requirements for private aviation. Learn more.

Ask for an All-Inclusive Quote

Once you’ve decided upon all of the parameters for your flight, ask your private jet charter broker for an all-inclusive quote, with photos of the aircraft you’re renting if available. Have any more questions before you charter a private plane? Our brokers have over a decade of experience in the charter industry, along with instant access to thousands of private planes around the world waiting for your flight. Feel free to call us anytime at (888) 987-5387 to receive competitive rates on a variety of aircraft, from turboprops & business jets to luxury Gulfstreams and VIP airliners.