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Star Operator Network

When honored with the opportunity to arrange your private jet charter flights, our brokerage goes the extra mile to ensure safety. We investigate your aircraft, pilots/crew and air carrier to see that they have not only met, but in preferential cases exceed the air charter safety regulations set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

In addition, the Air Charter Advisors have hand selected private air carriers for our “Star Operator Network”. These air carriers represent what we like to call “Above Industry Standards” for air charter safety. The “Star Operator Network” carriers will provide the Air Charter Advisors team with the following information and documentation before the booking of each private charter flight (to read more about each requirement, please click to expand the selection):

Air Operators Certificate (D085/AOC) or Equivalent

Having up-to-date Air Operators Certificates provide an additional step in verifying that the aircraft operator is currently authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to perform part 135 private charter flights and that they have regularly undergone safety inspections by the FAA.

Air Carrier’s Certificate of Insurance (COI)

Another step we take to do our safety due diligence is collecting the air carriers Certificate of Insurance (COI). It is important to keep this on file for your flight as it is proof of sufficient insurance coverage amounts for your passengers.

Charter flight operator & crew historical background checks

When deemed necessary we use specialized air charter safety reports generated on-demand by hired third party organizations such as WYVERN and Aviation Research Group (ARG/US). These reports help us to view the charter flight operator’s history & crew background. Possible findings that may be uncovered while running these safety reports could include information such as accident and incident history, which would be a red flag.

These reports can also provide us pilot(s) information such as:

  • Is the Pilot In Command (PIC) medical exam up-to-date?
  • Is the Second In Command (SIC) medical exam up-to date?
  • Have the pilots undergone background checks, and are their any red flags to be concerned with?
  • Do the pilots scheduled to fly your mission have sufficient experience flying the particular aircraft type that will be used?

Not all jet charter broker companies and air carriers follow the same safety due diligence rules and standards that we have implemented. We like to separate ourselves from the competition by going above and beyond what others may find to be sufficient and acceptable. By having verified the aforementioned credentials along with additional steps for each flight, you can be certain that our top priority is our passenger safety.

The “Star Operators Network” is an exclusive Air Charter Advisors, Inc. product. Due Diligence by Air Charter Advisors, Inc. – creating peace of mind.

Interested in listing your aircraft fleet on the Star Operator Network?

As an aircraft operator it is not possible to buy into the “Star Operators Network” program as this is an earned privilege. The credentials are not affected by pricing offered or aircraft cosmetics but by the safety procedures and standards that you abide by. If you are an operator interested in becoming part of the “Star Operators Network” and you hold a part 135 air charter certificate, or maintain a foreign equivalent, please click contact us via email to request an application to become a preferred vendor.