How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Private Jet?

The Private Jet Charter Rates listed below are generally displayed on your private air charter quote, but since all flights are individually priced and jet charter rates are personalized, be sure to check your quote directly.

Private Jet Charter cost

Although it may sound complicated or even intimidating for novice private flyers, don’t worry at all, we try to make it as simple as possible and are happy to answer any question you have with complete transparency.

By supplying a simple breakdown of “Flight Charges” which covers most fees, the only additional fees you should see displayed on your air charter quote should be ground transportation, catering, customs/taxes and international fees, making the process of flying a lot easier.

Private Jet Charter Rates Vary Depending on the Following:

  • Charter flight itinerary – The dates you are planning to travel, your airports of departure & arrival, and if there are any stops on the way creating a multiple leg flight.
  • Aircraft availability – Many flights are booked using planes directly from the airport of departure. Sometimes it ends up being more cost-effective having us re-position an aircraft from a different location to pick you up from your preferred airport and accommodate your flight.
  • Aircraft type – Different trips require different aircraft type. The length of your trip, the amount of passengers you are traveling with, or distance you will be traveling, could change what type of plane that is needed. You could use a smaller turbo prop airplane to go from one state to another but if you want to visit a different continent, you will surely need a heavy jet. Sometimes your flight is just to beat the traffic and a helicopter charter is your best bet. If you are an experienced flyer you may even have a preferred make or model plane.
  • Catering – One of the best parts about flying private. You get to choose exactly what you want on board, whether it be your favorite wine, cheese & fruit platter, pancakes for dinner, fish, steak, veggie, or a Kosher meal. (If you are requesting to include these in your quote.)
  • Ground transportation – Although we do not provide this service directly, we can assist in arranging through a third party vendor. You may require a limousine, town car, SUV or even armored transportation. (If you are requesting to include these in your quote.)
  • Taxes
    • Federal excise taxes, flight segment taxes
    • International fees when traveling abroad – When flying to or from countries other than the USA it is expected that other countries have fees unique to their land and these are passed on directly to the flyer as they are taxes
    • Customs fees & cross border fees (where applicable)

These are the main factors that can influence charter rates and your private jet charter cost. Other fees that may also influence the cost to charter a plane may include but not limited to the following. You should expect that these are automatically built into the “Flight Fee” section and will not be itemized.

  • Landing fees – Each time the plane lands there are miscellaneous fees associated with towing the airplane, and ramp fees. These change by aircraft size and location.
  • Fuel prices – This factor changes daily and varies between airports
  • Additional crew fees – If you are on an intercontinental flight, or just have many hours of non-stop flying throughout the day, it is possible that additional pilots or flight attendants are required by the aviation laws. These are added in automatically for safety purposes.
  • Incidental fees such as flight phone charges, De-icing, and pet clean up fees are not included as part of your private jet charter cost and are normally billed at actuals after your flight has completed, or can be charged directly to a credit card.

Transparency is important to us. Please view our contract:

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