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Private Jet Memberships

private jet memberships

The Air Charter Advisors Private Jet Membership is a prepaid jet card available in 25, 50, and 100-hour increments on light, medium, and large aircraft. Purchasing one of our jet cards allows you to lock in rates and guarantee availability while experiencing the most luxurious, convenient travel experience on a variety of sleek, modern business jets

Jet Card Membership with Air Charter Advisors

With nearly a decade of experience in the on-demand charter market, Air Charter Advisors is your best source for private jet card membership. Our advisors are experts at locating the best deals on private flights around the world, allowing us to offer one of the most flexible programs for private air travel. If you’ve enjoyed flying private with us in the past, you can lock in your rates and guarantee availability for all of your upcoming flights!

Simplified Travel

Purchasing a jet card from ACA simplifies access to the most luxurious travel experience available. Simply redeem your hours, schedule your flight, and you’re all set. Just like with our on-demand services, your advisor will be available to you around the clock to handle all of the details.

Predictable Expenses

Jet Card Members may benefit from a guaranteed fixed rate structure for the term of their contract based on different aircraft size categories. No on-going fees, and no maintenance, crew or other costs to worry about – fly whenever you want to, and know exactly what you are going to pay.

No Repositioning Costs or Hidden Fees

Only pay for the time you fly, meaning zero re-positioning fees if an aircraft needs to come to you. You’ll also enjoy no additional costs (no fuel surcharges, additional overnights, or taxi-time) when you take advantage of our offer all-inclusive jet card with fixed pricing.

Guaranteed Availability

One of the best perks you enjoy from Jet Card Membership with ACA is guaranteed aircraft availability. As the demand for charter aircraft continues to grow and planes are booked left and right, guaranteed availability means you’ll always have access to an aircraft, allowing you to travel on your terms.

Personalized Service

We’ll discuss the goals of your membership to custom build a jet card that works best for you, your family, or your office. Our advisors will also be available to you 24/7 for all of your aviation needs and can assist with luxury concierge services ranging from gourmet in-flight catering to helicopter lifts, ground transportation, and luxury yacht rentals once you arrive at your destination.

Jet Card Pricing*

The pricing shown below are examples and may vary based on the type/level card we create for each individual. No matter what plan you sign up for, your pricing will be all-inclusive without any hidden fees, additional charges, or extra costs **.

 Light JetMidsizeSuper MidHeavy Jet
Example ModelsCJ3, 400XPExcel, 800XPChallenger 300Gulfstream IV
Fixed Hourly Rate$5,950 / hr$7,575 / hr$10,500 / hr$13,650 / hr
25 Hour Jet Card$148,750$189,250$262,500$341,250

* pricing shown is example only
** catering, de-icing, pet cleaning, ground transportation billed separately

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Jet Card?

A prepaid card available in 25, 50, and 100-hour increments used to redeemed hours for private flights on a specified aircraft type. Flights may be available with as little as 24-hours notice.

Are there Fuel Surcharges?

Our programs feature fixed pricing with no hidden or fluctuating costs, meaning you’ll never receive a bill for fuel surcharges.

Are there Reposition, Taxi, or any other Charges?

Our programs are all-inclusive. You will only be billed for time you’re in the air, and nothing more. The only additional fees that may apply include catering, de-icing, pet cleaning, and ground transportation.

Do My Hours Expire?

Your hours will never expire and can be carried over without any penalties; they can also be transferred to whomever you wish at any time.

Is the Card Holder Required Onboard?

The cardholder does not have to be on board the aircraft, however, they do need to grant permission for the new lead passenger.

How Much Notice is Required to Book a Flight?

We ask that you allow us 24 hours advanced notice for all domestic flights within the continental United States, and 72 hours advanced notice for all international flights. During “Peak Holiday Travel”, 96 hours advanced notice is required to book and aircraft.

Do you offer Programs on Other Aircraft Types?

Yes! If you’re interested in purchasing hours on turboprops, we can create a program that opens access to Pilatus, King Air, and Cessna twin & single-engine props around the world! We also offer programs on ultra-long-range jets for corporate/enterprise travel and affluent globetrotters.

Call for a FREE Quote on Private Jet Charter Cards!

For pricing and aircraft types on the private jet memberships available, give us a call at +1 (888) 987-5387, or email us for more details. Compare our jet cards with Net Jets, Wheels Up, Delta Private Jets, and similar programs.