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Air Cargo Charter

Worldwide Freight & Cargo Services

Air Cargo Charter should not be overly complicated. You want your freight and cargo delivered on time, without any problems. Allow our team of experts to arrange the perfect cargo plane for your charter needs.

air cargo *and freight charter service

When arranging air freight charter, it not only requires a private cargo plane large enough to support the payload and wide enough to hold your cargo’s dimensions, but it needs to be arranged by a company with working knowledge of the required paperwork, the FAA and international regulations that need to be followed, and the experience in handling your items.

That’s why it’s important to hire an air cargo charter broker with years of experience arranging air freight charter for clients around the world. Our experts have more than 10 years in the industry, establishing contacts throughout the world along the way, and only with the best in the business.

Your delivery is precious no matter how small or large, and we’ll help make sure that it arrives intact at its destination. Don’t trust your important cargo to just anyone, allow our experts to help you. Check out the different types of air cargo charter services we offer below.

Automotive Manufacturing Industry

air charter services for the automotive industryThe automotive industry is a fast paced business, constantly changing with industry demands. Keeping the supply chain in tact and having your automotive components ready and available on the production line is vital. You need deliveries that are on time, every time, and we’re here to help deliver time-sensitive cargo for the automotive industry. Whether you’re looking to transport parts or fully-assembled vehicles, we have immediate access to cargo aircraft of all types for your specific requirements. In addition to freight and cargo charter services, we offer on board courier (OBC) services to fly your automotive components anywhere in the world.

Automotive Manufacturing Industry Services

Dangerous Goods & Hazardous Materials

dangerous goods & hazardous materialsOur team of cargo specialists are available to transport dangerous goods & materials that commercial services won’t touch, including corrosives, combustibles, explosives, flammables, gases, military equipment, radioactive materials, and toxic substances. Our expertise in the freight & cargo charter market allows us to locate licensed aircraft available for charter to transport hazardous material and other sensitive items around the world.  In addition to the flight logistics of your shipment, we can assist with on-ground representation, staging, and the documentation & permits required for these types of transports.

Dangerous Goods & Hazardous Materials

Heavy Freight & Over-Sized Equipment

heavy cargo and freight charter servicesOur team of cargo & freight specialists can assist with heavy and over-sized cargo charter services worldwide, no matter the size or type of shipment. From aerospace parts, generators, and offshore equipment to specialized equipment such as cranes, constructions vehicles, and custom-designed platforms and structures, our experts ensure the highest levels of service from pick up to delivery. Our team can locate the exact aircraft required for your mission, from gigantic Antonov & Airbus heavy lift aircraft to nose-loading Boeing freighters and other freight airliners. Our team can also arrange for representation on your behalf to supervise your freight while it is loaded and unloaded.

Heavy Freight & Over-Sized Equipment

Humanitarian Aid, Emergency Relief & Medical Supplies

heavy cargo and freight charter servicesAir Charter Advisors is a reliable resource when a natural disaster hits and humanitarian services are needed on the ground. ACA can arrange private cargo planes to the most remote locations in the world for individuals, corporations, and governments in times of crises. We will guide you through every contingency step of your flight, from development to implementation. We understand that emergencies can cause a great deal of stress, and we believe chartering an aircraft should not be one of them. You can count on our team to help transport items such as Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), N95 masks and ventilators, or larger items such as generators, air filtration systems and tents. Contact us for help.

Emergency Aid, Humanitarian Relief, and Medical Supplies

Livestock & Other Animals

dangerous goods & hazardous materialsOur advisors can arrange the safe & secure transportation of a variety of animals and livestock in any shape or size. Whether you’re searching for equine transport to horse racing events around the globe, or for solutions in relocating an elephant for conservation efforts, our animal & livestock air transport specialists offer carefully planned solutions for challenging shipments. Just as we do with our passenger flights, the safety and well-being of your animals is our top priority on these flights. In-flight care may be available to accompany the animals, ensuring a professional is always available during the flight. When arranging animal air transportation, our team follows guidelines set forth by IATA in their Live Animals Regulations (LAR) – the global standard commercial airlines follow when transporting live animals.

Livestock & Other Animals

Oil & Gas Industry

Air Charter Oil & Gas ExecutivesPrivate aviation offers flexible and cost-effective tools needed to conduct business both domestically and internationally. Our air charter services can assist you on both the corporate level and the industrial/manufacturing level. Let us support your mission with the coordination of flights connecting your company’s personnel from all over the world, whether that includes flights for conferences and retreats for the executives or the movement of crew and engineers to an oil field.

Oil and Gas Industry Services

Urgent Deliveries & Time-Sensitive Shipments

time sensitive cargo and freightYou can rely on ACA for urgent cargo charters when you need time-critical solutions. Nearly every form of cargo service listed above is in need of urgent ‘go now’ air charter at some point: manufacturing components to keep the production line flowing; over-sized replacement parts to continue offshore drilling; time-sensitive delivery of medical supplies and humanitarian aid; evacuation of people & livestock from natural disasters. On board courier (OBC) services are also available for hand delivery important documents, AOG parts, medical samples, sensitive prototypes, and more. From airport-to-airport drop-off or full door-to-door delivery, our urgent air cargo solutions are available worldwide 24 hours a day.

Urgent Deliveries & Time-Sensitive Shipments

Cargo Aircraft Available for Charter

ACA can connect you to the right aircraft size & type for your specific mission. We arrange small-medium-large jets that are fully dedicated to your cargo or if you have a smaller shipment we can possible arrange Belly Cargo (cargo that fits in the belly of a passenger plane). We offer direct access to more than 10,000 dedicated narrow and wide body cargo aircraft in the United States and around the world. We can arrange for ramp loading, nose loading, or door loading aircraft based on the dimensions of your freight, and aircraft capable of carrying various payloads.

Small Capacity Cargo Aircraft

Medium Capacity Cargo Jets

Large Capacity Cargo Planes

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