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Humanitarian Relief

Passenger & Cargo Air Charter Services for Humanitarian Relief, Emergency Aid, Evacuations, and Medical Supply Delivery 

Our experience and global reach make us a dependable and practical option for assistance in areas of natural disasters like hurricane’s, tornadoes, earthquakes and tsunami’s along with the humanitarian relief for aftermath, and other emergency evacuation efforts.

humanitarian relief flights

Emergency Passenger Evacuations

We have access to thousands of private jets around the world with seating that ranges from 2 passengers up to 400+. Over the years we have been hired by private companies transporting their employees out of harms way, insurance companies evacuating their insured from devastated area, and affluent individuals with the means to hire a private jet for their family. These scenarios stand true for every kind of natural and man-made disasters.

Humanitarian Relief & Medical Supplies

When passenger transport is not necessary but you need to get relief package and cargo to different locations we are able to arrange the flights. For years we have helped governments, individuals, and corporations send Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for situations like the COVID-19 and other pandemics. Generators, Air and Water Filtration Systems, etc. These missions require a high degree of care and a high level of operational preparation. With our rapid response time, we are able to help you make the proper charter flight arrangements around the clock to the most remote locations in the world. We will guide you through every contingency step from development to implementation. It’s the understanding that these emergencies can cause a great deal of stress, and we believe that chartering an aircraft should not be one of them. You can count on our Advisors to provide accurate information, be available upon request, and to do so with care.

Request More Information

If you are looking to beat the storm and evacuate before its too late, contact Air Charter Advisors now for a private jet or helicopter evacuation. If you’re looking to ship medical supplies via air cargo charter to/from anywhere in the world, please call us directly at +1 (888) 987-5387 or request a quote for more information.