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Air Charter Services on the Shorts 360

Air Charter Advisors offers air charter cargo services on the Short 360, a short-range aircraft offered by Short Brothers throughout the 1980’s.

Shorts 360 cargo aircraft

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Also known as the SD3-60 & Shorts 360, this short range turboprop was introduced in 1982 a larger Short 330, offering seating for up to 39 passengers. The 360 Advanced was released in 1985, featuring upgraded -65AR engines, and was later re-designated as the Shorts 360-200.

This was followed in 1987 by the Shorts 360-300, improving the propellers, engines, aerodynamics, cruise speeds, and hot & high-altitude performance. This model was also built in 360-300F freighter configuration known as the Shorts SD 360, offering a 3.5 ton payload capacity and economical operations that are best suited for short haul missions, with the added ability to operate on a shorter runways than competing aircraft.

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Shorts 360 Air Charter Services

Air Charter Advisors offers access to passenger, cargo, & freight air charter services on the Shorts 360. Request a quote or call our air cargo brokers directly at +1 (888) 987-5387.

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