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Boeing 747-400F

Air Cargo Services on the Boeing 747-400 Freighter

Air Charter Advisors offers air cargo & freight services on the Boeing 747-400F, a dedicated cargo & freight variant of Boeing’s 747-400 family of wide-body airliners.

Source: Wikimedia

The Boeing 747-400 debuted 1989, offering increased wingspan, advanced winglets, upgraded engines, and a glass cockpit. The -400 retained the 747’s airframe, including the stretched upper deck introduced in the 747-300, and offered a choice between Pratt & Whitney, General Electric, or Rolls Royce engines. In a three class layout, the -400 can accommodate 416 passengers over a 7,285 nautical mile range with a max take-off weight of 875,000 lb (397 t).

There were several variations of the 747-400 introduced over the years: the -400F, a dedicated freighter with the original upper deck reduce weight; the -400M, a model offers combined passenger & cargo service; the -400D, a domestic variant with high-density seating; the -400ER, offering 500 miles extended range and payload; the -400ERF, an extended range model dedicated to freight service.

Models designated -400BCF are passenger turned cargo models known as Boeing Converted Freighters, and there is -400LCF (“Large Cargo Freighter”), which specializes in the air transport of parts for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

The Boeing 747-400 has gone on to set many commercial aviation records, most recently completing a flight from New York to London in 4 hours 56 minutes, pushed by a powerful Jetstream from Storm Ciara on its way to breaking the subsonic airliner speed record. There were nearly 700 models delivered between 1989 and 2009, making it one of the best-selling 747 variants.

Boeing 747-400F Freighter

The 747-400F (Freighter) is an all-freight variant with a maximum takeoff weight of 875,000 pounds (396,890 kg) and a maximum payload of 274,100 pounds (124,330 kg). The -400F model entered service in late 1993, and became responsible for nearly half of the world’s total air freight deliveries in the 1990’s, with major clients including Atlas Air, Cargolux, China Airlines, Korean Air, Nippon Cargo Airlines, Polar Air Cargo, and Singapore Airlines.

The -400F utilizes a main deck nose door and a mechanized cargo handling system. The nose door opens to accommodate pallets & containers up to 40 ft (12 m), which can be easily loaded via motor-driven rollers. Models may include an optional main deck side cargo door that allows for taller items, while the lower deck (“belly”) side door can accommodate unit load devices (ULD) up to 64 inches (163 cm) in height. The -400F has been upgraded with the stretched and improved Boeing 747-8F.

Key Features

  • Most popular 747 variant and dedicated freighter
  • Large side door and nose door for easy loading & unloading
  • Impressive range of more than 3,000 nmi

Boeing 747-400F Specifications

  • Year of Make: 1989 —
  • Manufacturer: Boeing
  • Class: Large Cargo Airliner
  • MTOW: 875,000 lb (396,890 kg)
  • Max Payload: 274,100 lb (124,330 kg)


  • Cruise Speed: Mach 0.845 (498 kn; 922 km/h)
  • Range: 3,110 nmi (5,760 km)
  • Runway: 9,550 ft; 2,910 m (takeoff)
  • Engines: 4x PW4000 / GE CF6 / RR RB211
  • Thrust: 56,400–63,300 lbf (251–282 kN) each


  • Cargo Volume:
    • Main Deck: 21,462 cubic feet (607.7 m³)
    • Lower Hold: 4,601 cubic feet (130.3 m³)
    • Bulk: 520 cubic feet (14 m³)
  • Height: 63 ft 8 in (19.41 m)
  • Length: 231 ft 10 in (70.66 m)
  • Wingspan: 211 ft 5 in (64.44 m)

Boeing 747-400 Air Cargo & Freight Charter Services

Air Charter Advisors offers access to cargo & freight air charter services on the Boeing 747-400F. Request a quote or call our air cargo brokers directly at +1 (888) 987-5387.

* Specifications are based on common models and may vary based on model, variant, modifications, and other factors. Please call or email us with the dimensions and payload of your cargo. Pictures are for example only. The age, color, interior layout, hourly rates, specifications, dimensions may all vary between aircraft. All images copyrighted and provided courtesy of Boeing unless noted otherwise.