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Ilyushin Il-76

Cargo & Freight Services on the Ilyushin Il-76

Air Charter Advisors offers cargo & freight aircraft services on the Ilyushin Il-76, a four-engine multi-purpose aircraft with more than 5 decades of dedicated military and civilian use.

Il-76 humanitarian charter carrying millions of PPE items from Shanghai to New York City, arranged by Air Charter Advisors on 4.10.2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Soviet Union’s Ilyushin design bureau initially started on the Il-76 in the late 1960’s, with the goal of designing a freighter capable of hauling a 40 ton payload over a distance of 5,000 km in less than 6 hours.

And, since it was likely to see operations in Siberia and the Arctic regions of the (at the time) Soviet Union, it needed to be able to operate from short and/or unpaved runways, as well as dealing with extreme conditions.

Once all of these requirements were met, the first Il-76 took flight in March of 1971.

Although they serve as civilian aircraft in the United States, they currently serve as either civilian, military, or both in nearly 40 countries worldwide. Since they can operate from short & unpaved runways, they serve pivotal roles in military & humanitarian response for nation’s with undeveloped regions, while also capable of delivering large payloads around the world for virtually any purpose.

Il-76s have seen extensive service for ramp-delivered cargo, especially for over-sized & heavy items unable to be otherwise transported. It also sees action as an emergency response transport for disaster relief, evacuations, and humanitarian aid around the world. Some models have even been specialized for for aerial firefighting and zero-G training.

Like many Russian and Chinese aircraft that serve both military and civilian roles, the Il-76 is also given a NATO reporting name; these are common western names assigned in place of their original designations. The Il-76 was given the name “Candid”.

Some of the models that are available for cargo & freight charters include the Il-76M / Il-76MD; built without military equipment and designated as Ms and MDs (Gordon – ‘Falsies’); Il-76T / Il-76TD; a dedicated transport variant; and the Il-76TD-90VD; a modernized version incorporating PS-90 engines to meet global noise restrictions.

Key Features

  • Transports 40 tons of cargo over 5,000 km in 6 hours or less
  • Ability to operate from short and/or unpaved runways
  • Several civilian and commercial variants
  • Impressive speeds for a mid-sized freighter

Ilyushin Il-76 Specifications*

  • Year of Make: 1974 —
  • Manufacturer: Ilyushin
  • Class: Midsize Cargo & Freight
  • MTOW: 195,000 kg (429,901 lb)
    • Il-76M/T: 170,000 kg (374,786 lb)
    • Il-76MD/TD: 190,000 kg (418,878 lb)
    • Il-76MF/TF: 210,000 kg (462,971 lb)
  • Max Payload:
    • Il-76M 42,000 kg (92,594 lb)
    • Il-76MD 48,000 kg (105,822 lb)


  • Top Speed: Mach 0.82 (490 kn; 900 km/h; 560 mph)
  • Service ceiling: 13,000 m (43,000 ft)
  • Range:
    • Il-76TD-90VD: 5,000 km (3,107 mi) w/ 52,000 kg (114,640 lb; 57 tons) payload.
    • Il-76M/T: 4,000 km (2,485 mi) w/ 57 t payload
    • Il-76MD/TD: 4,400 km (2,734 mi) w/ 57 t payload
    • Il-76MF/TF: 4,200 km (2,610 mi) w/ 57 t payload
  • Ferry range: 5,000 nmi (5,800 mi, 9,300 km); Il-76MD-90A w/ no payload
  • Minimum Runway: 450 m (1,476 ft) with thrust reversers
  • Engines: 4x Soloviev D-30KP turbofans
  • Thrust: 117.7 kN (26,500 lbf) each


  • Cargo Volume: 230 m³ (8,122 cu ft)
  • Length: 46.59 m (152 ft 10 in)
  • Wingspan: 50.5 m (165 ft 8 in)
  • Height: 14.76 m (48 ft 5 in)

* Based on the Il-76TD unless specified

Ilyushin Il-76 Charter Services

Air Charter Advisors offers access to cargo & freight air charter services on the Ilyushin Il-76. Request a quote or call our air cargo brokers directly at +1 (888) 987-5387.

* Specifications are based on common models and may vary based on model, variant, modifications, and other factors. Please call or email us with the dimensions and payload of your cargo. Pictures are for example only. The age, color, interior layout, hourly rates, specifications, dimensions may all vary between aircraft. All images copyrighted and provided courtesy of Ilyushin unless noted otherwise.