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Heavy Freight & Over-Sized Equipment

Air Cargo Charter Services for Heavy & Over-Sized Freight

Our team of cargo & freight specialists can assist with heavy and over-sized cargo charter services worldwide, no matter the size or type of shipment.

Air Charter Advisors offers unique solutions for the transportation of heavy and oversized items that cannot be loaded onto scheduled services.

From aerospace parts, generators, and offshore equipment to specialized equipment such as cranes, constructions vehicles, aircraft engines and custom-designed platforms and structures, our experts ensure the highest levels of service from pick up to delivery.

Our team can source any type of aircraft, from light aircraft to airliners and freighters in a variety of configurations, including:

  • Nose-loading freighters
  • Rear-loading freighters
  • Ramp-loading aircraft
  • Aircraft with on-board cranes

Heavy Freight Cargo Charter Service | Request a Quote

Air Charter Advisors can locate the exact aircraft required for your mission, from gigantic Antonov & Airbus heavy lift aircraft to nose-loading Boeing freighters and other freight airliners. Our team can also arrange for representation on your behalf to supervise your freight while it is loaded and unloaded.