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Boeing 737-400 narrow body airliner

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The -400 series first debuted in 1984, utilizing an extended fuselage and upgraded performance, increased both cargo & passenger capacity on medium haul flights. Passenger versions of the 737-400 can accommodate up to 147 passengers, offering a range of just over 2,000 nautical miles. Some 737-400 VIP models are also available for charter, with executive cabin configurations and amenities for luxury & business travel.

The B737-400F is a dedicated freighter conversion of the narrow-body airliner. Benefiting from the increase power & range over the previous model, the 737-400F has to ability to haul a max payload of just over 20 tons. Although Boeing never offered it as a production model, many operators converted existing 737-400 passenger models into freighters as newer airliners replaced it in commercial service. The first to do so was Alaska Airlines, with the ability to haul 10 pallets. Several operators followed, creating popular fleets of 737-400 freighters that offered excellent medium range capabilities for cargo & freight deliveries.

Still in service, 737-400 Freighters are available for charter, purchase, and lease in various regions around the world. These models were most recently valued at approximately $7 million pre-owned and $100,000 per month in late 2018.

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