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Shared Flights vs Private Flights

Differences between Part 380 shared flights and Part 135 charter If you’re looking into private flights as an alternative to commercial travel over the next few months, you’ll come across two types of services offered in private aviation: Part 380 shared flights and Part 135 charter flights. Although both of these private aviation services offerRead the Rest “Shared Flights vs Private Flights”

How Much Does it Cost to Fly Private with your Dog?

Pricing for Pets on Commercial Airlines & Private Planes Moving with your pets can be hard, and the majority of pet travel experts recommend that you avoid flying with them if possible. In most cases, traveling by car is the most cost-effective & pet-friendly option. However, there are many situations where flying becomes unavoidable due toRead the Rest “How Much Does it Cost to Fly Private with your Dog?”

What is a Charter Flight?

Differences Between Regular & Private Charter Flights, and How to Charter a Private Plane Charter flights offer far more flexibility than their scheduled counterparts, serving virtually any destination around the world, with itineraries that are tailored for every flight. They are unscheduled and are not available as part of the regular routing offered by commercial airlines.Read the Rest “What is a Charter Flight?”

Private Jet Charter vs Commercial Airlines

What are the differences between flying private and scheduled commercial airlines? When comparing the pro’s and con’s of private jet charters versus commercial flights, there are two major factors that swing to both extremes of the pendulum: cost and flexibility. Scheduled airline service is by far the most affordable way to travel. All you needRead the Rest “Private Jet Charter vs Commercial Airlines”