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Shared Flights vs Private Flights

Differences between Part 380 shared flights and Part 135 charter

If you’re looking into private flights as an alternative to commercial travel over the next few months, you’ll come across two types of services offered in private aviation: Part 380 shared flights and Part 135 charter flights.

Although both of these private aviation services offer access to private planes that are accessible via private terminals at private airports, the levels of privacy can vastly differ once you arrive at the airport and board the aircraft.

Shared Flights | Part 380

Shared private flights are operated under FAR Part 380, which sets scheduled charter flight guidelines for aircraft operators, travel agents, and shared private jet memberships. There are numerous charter airlines around the world, and they typically offer routes to popular regional destinations not offered by major airlines, as well as seasonal flights to popular domestic & international destinations.

Within this market is where you find private jet memberships, jet cards, and similar services offering access to seats on private planes. However, there can be disadvantages to these type of flights, especially when privacy is your main concern.

Many of these companies require an upfront membership or subscription. You’ll have to pay this plus the cost of the seat on the shared aircraft, and you don’t always get to choose which type of aircraft you’ll fly on, either.

From there, you’re either given a block of hours with a price determined by a guaranteed rate, or given access to book shared flights or seats on shared charter flights. Common aircraft sizes used for this service include Midsize, Super Midsize, Heavy, and Long Range jets, and Regional Airliners, which seat anywhere between 7 passengers all the way up to 15 passengers or more, depending on the cabin configuration and route of the flight.

You’ll also share the cabin with other passengers. This often transforms the experience from a private flight into more of a commercial flight, with potential for delays in the lounge before takeoff, sharing a cabin with strangers (some of which may put the strange in stranger), and limited options to change your flight if needed. Running late? Shared flights depart at their scheduled time, whether all passengers are on board or not.

Private Flights | Part 135

Private jet charters operate under FAA Part 135, which outlines a different set of rules & regulations from shared flights. These are the guidelines used by private jet operators and air charter brokers to book and conduct their flights, which are considered on-demand and not offered as part of any scheduled routing. These flights are considered single entity charter – this means that the entire flight must be contracted and paid for by the same individual.

You can not purchase a seat on a Part 135 flight. The payment can not be split between multiple parties, although you’re free to split the cost however you’d like once the flight is booked. Unlike shared flights, seats can not be sold on Part 135 charter flights. This limits the access to your flight, allowing only the people you want to travel with onboard.

Part 135 jet charters allow you to:

  • Depart on the date & time of your choice
  • Choose the private plane for your flight
  • Minimize exposure to passengers, crew, and other airport staff

You take complete control over your travel, from when you fly, where you’re going, and who you flying with, to what you’re eating on the plane, smoking or non-smoking cabin, and whether or not to bring your pets (many private planes allow pets on charter flights).

Flights can be arranged to depart from smaller airports that are dedicated to luxury & business aviation, allowing passengers to quickly passing through private terminals known as Fixed Base Operators (FBO).

No membership is required, and there are no additional fees or hidden charges when you book a private flight with Air Charter Advisors. You simply pay-as-you-fly, and only pay for the services that you use without any long-term commitments and no strings attached.

How Do I Book a Private Flight?

Air Charter Advisors is available around the clock, offering instant access to our global network of more than 10,000 charter planes at international, regional, and executive airports in your area. Request a quote or call +1 (888) 987-5387 for pricing and availability on private flights on-demand.