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Regulating Air Charter Brokers

January 17th, 2019 | Posted by Admin in News

This year, Valentine’s Day will be a big day, and not just for the lovers of Champagne, Chocolates and Roses. Feb 14th, 2019 is also a big day for the private aviation industry.  Air charter brokers have now been presented with a new regulation, Part 295 by the FAA and DOT. Until this moment thereRead the Rest

TSA & The Government Shutdown

January 8th, 2019 | Posted by Admin in News

How the Shutdown is Affecting Air Travel The partial government shutdown is in full effect. So far its impact has been most visible with the closing of some government buildings and national parks, along with a symbolic trash pile forming at the National Mall in front of the Capitol. Soon, recipients of food stamps with beRead the Rest

Pricing for Pets on Commercial Airlines & Private Planes Moving with your pets can be hard, and the majority of pet travel experts recommend that you avoid flying with them if possible. In most cases, traveling by car is the most cost-effective & pet-friendly option. However, there are many situations where flying becomes unavoidable due toRead the Rest