Private Jet Catering

One benefit of flying private with The Air Charter Advisors is that prior to booking your flight, you have the opportunity of selecting the food and beverages that will be made available for your trip.

The selection of gourmet items are virtually unlimited, however your meal preferences should be discussed during your flight scheduling which will allow the caterers ample time to prepare your requested items.

dinner served in luxurious jet airplane                Fruits and Cookies

Whether you desire chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of champagne, a Filet Mignon steak, vegan cuisine, or simply a bologna and cheese sandwich from the local deli – we’ve got you covered.

*Most private charter flights will include a standard stock of snacks and beverages such as soda’s, juices, chips and pretzels.

**Be sure to let us know ahead of time if any of your passengers have food allergies or dietary restrictions so that we can inform the third party caterers who will prepare your meals. Requests for Kosher, Gluten-Free; or Vegetarian meals can also be arranged.Disclaimer: The Air Charter Advisors does not prepare any food items or sell alcoholic beverages. All catering is arranged through third-party caterers and restaurants.