Gulfstream G400

Charter a Private Flight on the G400

Air Charter Advisors offer private jet charter services on the Gulfstream G400, an 8-passenger variant of the G4 with a 3,800 nautical mile range at cruising speeds of Mach 0.80.

Gulfstream G400 charter flights

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Key Features

Gulfstream G400 Pricing

The charter cost for flights on the G400 starts at around $5,500 an hour* and will vary based on model year, positioning, routing, scheduling, amenities, and other factors. For the most accurate pricing, please give us a call.

G400 Aircraft Details

Aircraft > Heavy Jet

Following Gulfstream’s introduction of its iconic G4, several variations were created over its lifetime, including the upgraded G400.

G400 interior

This luxury jet offers a large, spacious cabin with a 4,350 nautical mile flight range, all while delivering the same levels of comfort the Gulfstream’s G series has become known for.

The second model in the G series, the G400 model began production at serial number 1500, replacing the GIV and only lasting a couple of years until the G450 replaced it on the production line in 2004.

The G400 is renowned for offering one of the largest cabins and baggage capacities in the heavy jet class. It’s also one of the fastest in its class, but it doesn’t sacrifice speed for performance: G400s can easily complete nonstop flights from New York to London, Miami to Seattle, and Dubai to Hong Kong.

Amenities include a stand-up cabin, a large galley, and a fully enclosed bathroom with a shower.

Gulfstream G400 Jet Charter Services

Air Charter Advisors offers around the clock jet charter services on the Gulfstream G400 business jet. For private flights, jet cards, and other aviation services on G400s and similar business jets call and speak with our advisors at 888-987-JETS (5387).

* Average hourly rates vary depending on make, model and year; amenities, routing and scheduling/availability, and do not include fuel, taxes, crew charges, ramp, hangar, FBO, overnights, daily minimums, taxes, international fees, catering, ground transport, or de-icing. If you would like an accurate quote, please call or email. Pictures are for example only. The age, color, interior layout, hourly rates, specifications, dimensions may all vary between aircraft. All images copyrighted and provided courtesy of Gulfstream Aerospace.