Charter Flights on the Hawker 400XP

The Hawker 400XP from Beechcraft is one of the most widely known and chartered light jets in luxury and business aviation.

Hawker 400XP jet charter

Although the Hawker 400XP is considered a light jet, it offers the spaciousness and sophistication you’d expect from a much larger plane, making it an excellent, cost-effective option private charter flights.

Combine its superior performance in range, speed and cabin experience, and the 400XP leaves little to be desired by business travelers and VIP flyers alike.

Air Charter Advisors offers on-demand jet charter services on the Beechcraft Hawker 400XP. For hourly rates, charter availability, or information on light jet cards, aircraft management, and sales/acquisitions, call us 24/7 at +1 (888) 987-5387.

Key Features

  • Spacious Cabin
  • 8 Seat Configuration
  • Fuel Efficient Engines
  • Lavatory and Galley

Beechcraft Hawker 400XP Pricing, Performance, & Specifications

The hourly rate to charter a Hawker 400XP averages around $3,500 an hour*. Hourly charter rates vary based on the year of make, model, scheduling, routing, re-positioning, and modifications of the aircraft.

  • Year of Make: 1998 — 2008
  • Max Range: 1,400 nm
  • Seating Configuration: 8
  • Cruising Speed: 465 mph
  • Hourly Charter Rate: $3,000 – $4,000*


  • Max Range: 1,519 nm
  • Max Speed: 520 mph (450 kts)
  • Max Payload: 2,015 lbs
  • Climb Rate: 3,770 ft/min
  • Runway: 3,905 ft (takeoff)
  • Service Ceiling: 45,000 ft
  • Engines: 2x Pratt & Whitney JT15D-5


  • Seating: Up to 8 passengers (standard configuration)
  • Cabin Height: 4 ft 8 in
  • Cabin Width: 4 ft 9 in
  • Cabin Length: 15 ft 5 in
  • Baggage Capacity: 56 cu ft
  • Lavatory: Yes

Hawker 400XP Photo Gallery

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Aircraft Details

The Hawker 400XP provides flexibility, low operating costs and comfort, all in one convenient package.

Designed by Hawker Beechcraft as a light jet with highly desired attributes of much larger jets, the Hawker 400XP offers a spacious cabin, innovative technology, and low operating costs.

Previous names of the 400XP variant (Hawker 400) include the Beechcraft Beechjet 400A; Raytheon Beechjet 400A; and Raytheon Hawker 400XP.


The Hawker 400XP’s cabin isn’t any larger than previous models in the Beechjet 400 series in regards to square footage – only the layout changed. Thanks to its unique shape known as “vertical squared-oval” by Hawker Beechcraft, passengers can enjoy the one of roomiest cabins in the light jet class.

The square-oval design provides more head and shoulder room while incorporating a flat floor, making it easier to move around the cabin easier – a welcome feature during longer flights. Seating is available for up 8 passengers in center-club arrangement, and there’s a private lavatory and galley section on board.

Travelers can also store their luggage in the expanded rear baggage hold for easy accessible to your belongings during your flight.


Although it’s an appealing option even from the tarmac, the Hawker 400XP truly shines when it’s in the air. Cruising at speeds of more than four hundred knots and powered by fuel-efficient Pratt & Whitney JT15D-5 turbofan engines, the Hawker 400XP performs very stable within its flight envelope, and is considered a very reliable business jet.

Hawker/Beechcraft upgraded the original Beechjet 400A to the Hawker 400A for extra payload, and incorporated aerodynamic, mechanical and interior improvements with the Hawker 400XP; some of these same upgrades were utilized on the Hawker 800XP midsize jet.

Other upgrades to the Hawker 400XP include the Collins avionics package, featuring the traffic alert and collision avoidance system (TCAS II), an enhanced ground proximity warning system (EGPWS), and a built-in diagnostics system for superior dependability and lower cost of maintenance.

Nextant 400XT

Nextant re-manufactures the 400XP as the Nextant 400XT, replacing the Pratt & Whitney JT15Ds engines with Williams FJ44s, and adding new avionics and a redesigned interior.

Up to a third of the current 400A/400XP fleet can be retrofitted, enabling improved range, speed, and fuel efficiency. This should will hold resale value and remain service for another 20 to 30 years, much like the Falcon 20s retrofitted with TFE731s engines.

Hawker 400XPR

In 2012, Beechcraft introduced an upgrade package to the 400XP known as the 400XPR. This OEM supported & engineered upgrade features new avionics, a redesigned interior, aerodynamic winglets, and Williams FJ44-4A-32 engines.

As result, the Hawker 400XPR provides 33% more range (increased to 2,160 nmi / 4,000 km with 4 passengers), better hot runway and high altitude performance, and a fast 19 minute climb to 45,000 feet at max takeoff weight.

The first fully configured model was delivered in 2017, and the upgrade can be performed in as little as 12 weeks with an optional for either Rockwell Collins Pro Line 4 to 21 or Garmin G5000 avionics on the flight deck.

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Hawker 400XP Jet Charter, Sales, and Management

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* Average hourly rates vary depending on make, model and year; amenities, routing and scheduling/availability, and do not include fuel, taxes, crew charges, ramp, hangar, FBO, overnights, daily minimums, taxes, international fees, catering, ground transport, or de-icing. If you would like an accurate quote, please call or email. Pictures are for example only. The age, color, interior layout, hourly rates, specifications, dimensions may all vary between aircraft. All images copyrighted and provided courtesy of Hawker / Textron Aviation.