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Gulfstream G500

Charter a Private Flight on the Gulfstream G500 Business Jet

Air Charter Advisors offers on-demand private jet charter services on the Gulfstream G500, a new addition to Gulfstream’s line-up of ultra long-range, ultra luxurious business jets.

Gulfstream G500 business jet

You may be thinking “What do you mean ‘all-new G500’? I flew on one more than 10 years ago!” Well, you’re not wrong. There is a separate GV variant that was introduced in 2004 that goes by the same name.

However, the new G500 (Model GVII) will replace the G450 in production and is one of the most technologically-advanced long-range jets available, offering improved efficiency, runway performance, and passenger capacity.

The G500 features a new platform that balances performance, safety, and affordability, and has already gained worldwide certification at the end of 2018. Cruising at Mach 0.85 with a range of 5,800 nautical miles, its nonstop reach connects city pairs such as Istanbul to Cape Town; Los Angeles to London; and San Francisco to Tokyo.

Call us at +1 (888) 987-5387 for instant pricing and availability on G500s in your area for your private flight. You can also request a quote with your trip details, and receive free quotes with competitive rates and exact pricing.

Key Features

  • Impressive Range of 5,200 nmi
  • Redesigned Cabin with Additional Headroom & Width
  • Optimized for Seating of up to 16 Passengers
  • One of the Most Advanced Business Jets Available

Gulfstream G500 Photo Gallery

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Gulfstream G500 Pricing, Performance, & Specifications

The charter cost to rent a Gulfstream G500 starts around $9,000 an hour* as the aircraft enters the global charter market. Rates will vary based on year of make, positioning, routing, scheduling, aircraft amenities, and other factors. Please call or request a quote for accurate, to-the-dollar pricing.

General Specifications

  • Crew: 2 pilots
  • Capacity: up to 19
  • Length: 91 ft 2 in
  • Height: 25 ft 6 in
  • Wingspan: 87 ft 1 in
  • MTOW: 79,600 lbs
  • Max Payload: 5,500 lbs
  • Avionics: Gulfstream Symmetry Flight Deck
  • Model Designation: GVII

Performance Info

  • Top Speed: Mach 0.925 MMO
  • Cruise Speed: Mach 0.85–Mach 0.90 (488–516 kn; 903–956 km/h)
  • Range: 5,200 nmi (9,630 km)
  • Service Ceiling: 51,000 ft
  • Runway: 5,200 ft (takeoff); 3,100 ft (landing)
  • Engines: Pratt & Whitney Canada PW814GA
  • Thrust: 15,144 lbf (67.36 kN) each

Interior Dimensions

  • Seats: 13
  • Cabin Length: 41 ft 6 in
  • Cabin Height: 6 ft 2 in
  • Cabin Width: 7 ft 7 in
  • Cabin Volume: 1,715 cu ft
  • Baggage Compartment: 175 cu ft
  • Bathroom: Front & Rear Lavatories

Visit the Official Site: http://www.gulfstream.com/aircraft/gulfstream-g500

Aircraft Details

The all-new Gulfstream G500 has been redesigned to push the limits of high-speed business jet travel and began entering into service in 2019 after obtaining certification late in 2018.

It’s a long-range business jet that has been redesigned to offer additional cabin room and is optimized for up to 12-16 passengers. It’s loaded with the latest features, with electrical, hydraulic and several cabin systems that have been borrowed from the G650.

The advanced frame is also equipping powerful Pratt & Whitney Canada engines to deliver a range of more than 5,000 nautical miles at a cruise speed of Mach 0.85. Efficiency is also improved while flying 30 knots (56 km/h) faster and 18% farther while burning the same amount of fuel.


The G500’s cabin shape allows it to deliver best-in-class speed, maneuverability, and fuel-efficiency, all while being able to accommodate up to 19 passengers.

G500 interior cabin
The interior features rich materials including silk or cashmere, hand-stitched leather dyed, and wood veneers sourced from around the world, and 14 windows bask the cabin in natural light.

The cabin is loaded with comfortable seating arrangements and high-tech connectivity options, and offers 2″ more headroom, 7″ more cabin width, and 8″ more floor width than the G450/G550. Options for a forward or aft galley are available.

The G500 offers best-in-class baggage capacity with foldable shelving and spaces that can be reconfigurable to store golf clubs, ski equipment, other large items.


The Gulfstream G-500 can fly farther at than any jet in its class @ Mach 0.85 and is the only aircraft in its category capable of traveling 4,400 nautical miles at Mach 0.90 — whenever you’re not squeezing every nautical mile out of the plane, it cuts through the sky at a maximum speed of Mach 0.925.

It also delivers industry-leading fuel efficiency thanks to upgraded PW800 engines and innovative wing design. The engines provide a total of more than 30,000 lbf of thrust, requiring just under a mile of runway to take off, and only 3,100 ft to land.

You don’t have to sacrifice payload for speed and range on your flights, traveling 5,200 nautical miles carrying 8 passengers + luggage, with 3 crew members, and full fuel w/ NBAA IFR reserves. Double the payload and this luxury jet can still fly nonstop for up to 4,950 nautical miles, enough to connect Los Angeles to London.

Gulfstream G500 Jet Charter Services

Air Charter Advisors offers on-demand jet charter services on the Gulfstream G500 business jet. For private flights, jet cards, ownership, and other aviation services on this and similar business jets, call our advisors at 888-987-JETS (5387) or email us for more information.

* Average hourly rates vary depending on make, model and year; amenities, routing and scheduling/availability, and do not include fuel, taxes, crew charges, ramp, hangar, FBO, overnights, daily minimums, taxes, international fees, catering, ground transport, or de-icing. If you would like an accurate quote, please call or email. Pictures are for example only. The age, color, interior layout, hourly rates, specifications, dimensions may all vary between aircraft. All images copyrighted and provided courtesy of Gulfstream Aerospace.

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