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Cessna 340

Year of make range: 1971-1984
Cessna 340 Twin Engine Max range (NM): 1,400 Nautical Miles
Seating Configuration: 4-5
Cruising Speed (KTS): 220
Average Hourly Rate for a Cessna 340 including fuel: $ 975


The Cessna 340 Twin Engine Piston can be flown as a single pilot configuration, or with two pilots. The Air Charter Advisors always recommends using a two pilot configuration no matter what may be required, as this can only add safety to your flight. Overall this Cessna Piston aircraft is a great little plane for short trips, and hoping from island to island!

The Cessna 340 pictures displayed are for example only. The aircraft age, interior and exterior colors along with , seating layout/materials, specifications, and dimensions may vary between aircraft.

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