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Cessna Citation Excel / XLS

Fly private on a Citation XL, XLS, or XLS+

Combine transcontinental range, first-class comfort for up to 8 passengers, and incredible performance, and you’re left with the Citation Excel / XLS / XLS+, a midsize jet by Cessna/Textron Aviation.

Packed with features generally found in larger jets and commercial aircraft, it’s the perfect way to take your business (or pleasure) global, whether you make it your office in the sky, relax and enjoy the ride. Its spacious interior comfortably seats 8 – 9 passengers with configurations including divans and sofas available, and fold-out hideaway tables are available to continue your productivity.

The Citation XLS+ offers the most range in the Excel series, capable of flying non-stop just over 2,400 statue miles. It will also get you there quickly, traveling at cruise high speeds of more than 500 mph, while also certified for short runway landings to arrive closer to your destination.

Efficiency, comfort and performance – the latest model in Cessna’s Excel series is ideal for short to medium hauls, and a favorite among luxury travelers for holiday getaways within Europe, business meetings across Asia, and domestic flight across the United States. Call one of our brokers at 1-888-987-5387 for the latest pricing and availability on Citation XL / XLS / XLS+ jet charter service.

Key Features

  • First-Class Comfort for up to 8 Passengers
  • Ideal for Short and Medium Distance Missions
  • Light Jet Capabilities with Mid-Size Performance
  • Spacious External Luggage Compartment
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Citation XL / XLS / XLS+ | Pricing, Performance, & Specifications

Average hourly charter rates for this Citation XL jet depends on the model (Excel / XLS / XLS+), year of make, aircraft scheduling and routing, passengers and baggage amounts, and additional factors. Did you know that an empty leg jet charter may potentially reduce the price of your charter flight by up to 50% or more? Ask your broker to search available empty legs that match your flight routing.

  • Average Year of Make: 1998 – 2005
  • Hourly Charter Rate: $3,225 – $4,000*
  • MSRP: $12,750,000 ($1.7m – $3.5m pre-owned)
  • Avg. Cruising Speed: 507 mph (441 knots)
  • Maximum Range: 2,100 nautical miles

Specifications (XLS+)

  • Crew: 2
  • Seating: 9 passengers
  • Length: 52 ft 6 in (16.0 m)
  • Wingspan: 56 ft 4 in (17.17 m)
  • Height: 17 ft 2 in (5.23 m)
  • Empty Weight: 12,800 lbs (5,086 kg)
  • Max. Takeoff Weight: 20,200 lbs (9,163 kg)
  • Engines: 2 × Pratt & Whitney Canada PW545C turbofans, 4,119 lb (18.32 kN) each

Performance (XLS+)

  • Cruise Speed: 507 mph | 441 ktas | 816 km/h
  • Range: 1,858 nautical miles (2,138 mi | 3,441 km)
  • Max Ceiling: 45,000 ft (13,716 m)
  • Rate of Climb: 3,500 ft/min

Interior (XLS+)

  • Cabin Length: 18 ft 6 in
  • Cabin Width: 5 ft 5 in
  • Cabin Height: 5 ft 7 in
  • Cabin Volume: 559 cubic ft
  • Baggage Capacity: 90 cubic ft
  • Lavatory Style: Fully Enclosed

Aircraft Details

Aircraft > Super Light Jets

The Citation Excel / XL is one of the world’s best selling midsize business jets, offering trans-continental range, seating for up to 8-9 passengers, and the short-airfield capabilities of a super light jet.

The Citation XLS was first announced at NBAA in 2006, carrying the model designation 560XL that follows the Excel, it’s predecessor in the Citation family. It’s first flight was completed in August of 2007, and FAA and Transport Canada certifications were awarded by mid 2008. More than 250 were sold before the first delivery.

Passengers can enjoy a smooth and quiet ride thanks to a triple-sealed entry door and triple-pane windows. Tables fold-out, seats fully recline, and headrests are adjustable to match your preferences, and a variety of seating configurations are available including a three-person divan.

The interior is available in 6 color schemes, all featuring luxurious materials and premium finishes. Indirect LED lighting provides a more natural environment. Luggage and other items can be stored externally in an 80 cubic foot compartment, and there is 10 cubic feet of additional space in an easily accessible closet within the cabin.

Avionics are upgraded with the Collins Pro Line 21 digital co-pilot, the XM WX satellite weather detection system, and a Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS II) which monitors all planes within a 35-mile radius. Upgraded software allows pilots to view satellite imagery with NEXRAD overlays, see real-time TFR’s (Temporary Flight Restrictions) both graphically and via text, along with other enhancements to increase safety and situational awareness.

XLS+ — Midsize or Super Light?

Built around Pratt & Whitney high-bypass engines, the Citation XLS+ is technically a midsized jet, providing generous range and performance. It can also take-off using runways as short as 3,590 feet – the shortest take-off requirement of any mid-sized jet.

The cabin measures 18’8″ in length, 5’8″ high, and 5’6″ wide, while offering a range of 1,961 miles (1,704 nautical miles) – average numbers for midsized jets.

That said, it can still be considered a super light jet – it performs like a light jet by utilizing short runways other jets can’t, while hitting cruising altitude in just 18 minutes.

High-altitudes airports got you down? The Citation XLS+ will lift you back up, showing off its capabilities by flying into Qamdo Bamda Airport (BPX) in Tibet at an elevation of 14,219 feet above sea level.

What else is light about this private jet? The cost of chartering it compared to its peers, allowing you to enjoy mid-size range at the cost of a light jet. Call Air Charter Advisors for hourly rates, pricing and availability on the Citation Excel for your next charter flight.

Purchase a Cessna Citation Excel

Air Charter Advisors offers aircraft sales & acquisition services for individuals and business groups looking to buy or sell a Cessna Citation Excel.

The cost of ownership for the Citation Excel over 200 hours of flight time carries an annual budget of around $950k, including fixed costs between $380k-$580k, and operating/variable costs of between $370k-$440k. The operating cost comes out to around $2,150-$2,250 an hour.

Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or lease a new or used business jet, our team can make your transaction go as smoothly as possible. Our advisors also offer access to pre-owned aircraft off market. Call or email us for more details to buy or sell a Cessna Citation Excel.

Additional Photos

The Citation XL series is an all-star in business aviation for short range charter flights, especially in Asia, where it routinely performs missions like Hong Kong to Shanghai, Tokyo to Beijing, and Singapore to Bangkok with ease. It’s also the perfect jet for the two most popular domestic flights in private aviation, Van Nuys to McCarran, and Teterboro to Dulles.

Comparable Aircraft

Citation Excel Services | Charter, Sales, and Management

Whether you’re looking to charter, purchase, or sell a Citation Excel, or need a charter management company for your new XLS+, Air Charter Advisors is your comprehensive source for both on-demand private aviation services and long-term aircraft marketing and management.

For hourly charter rates and availability, please submit your request via our contact form, or speak with one of our brokers directly about sales, purchase, and jet card options by calling us 24/7 at 1-888-987-5387.

* Average hourly rates vary depending on make, model and year; amenities, routing and scheduling/availability, and do not include fuel, taxes, crew charges, ramp, hangar, FBO, overnights, daily minimums, taxes, international fees, catering, ground transport, or de-icing. If you would like an accurate quote, please call or email. Pictures are for example only. The age, color, interior layout, hourly rates, specifications, dimensions may all vary between aircraft. All images copyrighted and provided courtesy of Cessna/Textron Inc. unless noted otherwise.