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Falcon 6x

Charter the All-New Falcon 6x Long Range Jet from Dassault

Air Charter Advisors offers instant access to long-range jets, including the Falcon 6x, the newest aircraft in Dassault’s family of Falcon business jets.

Falcon 6x charter jet

This large, long-range business jet is currently under development in France, and Dassault Aviation’s newest plane has hit plenty of bumps along the way.

The project for the 6x was originally called the “SMS”, as it was slated to compete with Super Midsize Jets, but the project was altered following the 2008 recession as demand for midsize jets declined sharply while the demand for large-bodied, long-range jets continued to rise.

In 2013, the Falcon 5x was introduced and was set to debut by 2020, however, multiple issues with its Silvercrest engines led to Dassault abandoning the 5x, and returning to the drawing board yet again.

That’s how we arrive at the Falcon 6x — the newest Falcon model based on the same fuselage cross-section as the 5x, with the same Pratt & Whitney Canada PW800 engines powering the Gulfstream G500/G600 to deliver a flight range of 5,500 nautical miles. The cabin is huge at 6’6″ high and 8’6″ wide, offering room for 16 passengers across three separate cabin zones.

As of late 2019, the aircraft has accrued more than 120 test flight hours and is scheduled to be introduced in 2022.

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Key Features

  • Advanced, Spacious, & Versatile Jet
  • Larger Cabin in its Class
  • Transoceanic Range
  • Room for up to 16

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Falcon 6x Pricing, Performance, & Specifications

The cost to charter a Dassault Falcon 6x will start at around $11,000 an hour* and will change based on a variety of factors including aircraft scheduling/positioning, flight routing, passenger/baggage totals, and more.

  • Year of Make: 2022 –
  • Manufacturer: Dassault
  • Class: Long Range Jet
  • MSRP: $47 million
  • Hourly Rate: Starting at $11,000*

General Details

  • Crew: 2 pilots + flight attendant
  • Capacity: up to 16 passengers
  • Height: 24 ft 6 in
  • Length: 84 ft 3 in
  • Wingspan: 85 ft 1 in
  • MTOW: 77,460 lb
  • Avionics: 3rd Gen EASy Flight Deck w/ Honeywell Primus Epic

Performance Specs

  • Max Speed: 690 mph (Mach 0.90)
  • Cruise Speed: 528 mph (850 km/h; 459 kn)
  • Range: 5,500 nmi (10,186 km; 6,329 mi)
  • Runway: 5,480 ft (takeoff), 2,480 ft (landing Part 135)
  • Engines: 2x Pratt & Whitney Canada PW812D
  • Thrust: 59.9 kN (13,460 lbf) each

Interior Dimensions

  • Seats: 9 + 1 divan
  • Cabin Height: 6 ft 6 in
  • Cabin Width: 8 ft 6 in
  • Cabin Length: 40 ft 8 in
  • Cabin Volume: 1,845 cu ft
  • Baggage Capacity: 155 ft cu ft
  • Bathroom: Fully Enclosed Lav (forward & aft)

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* Average hourly rates vary depending on make, model and year; amenities, routing and scheduling/availability, and do not include fuel, taxes, crew charges, ramp, hangar, FBO, overnights, daily minimums, taxes, international fees, catering, ground transport, or de-icing. If you would like an accurate quote, please call or email. Pictures are for example only. The age, color, interior layout, hourly rates, specifications, dimensions may all vary between aircraft. All images provided courtesy of Dassault Aviation unless noted otherwise.