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Air Charter Advisors utilizes the following airports to fly clients privately to/from Aspen, Colorado and neighboring areas of the Centennial State.

Clients can arrive directly using Aspen-Pitkin (ASE), also known as Sardy Field. Please keep in mind that depending on conditions, ASE may require re-routing due to low ceilings and inclimate weather, and de-icing may be required prior to departing ASE, and will not be included in your price. Call to speak with one of our brokers if you have any questions or concerns regarding your flight.

(KASE, ASE) Aspen–Pitkin County Airport – Aspen, CO

Fly private to Aspen–Pitkin County Airport (IATA: ASE, ICAO: KASE, FAA LID: ASE), also known as Sardy Field, and the gateway into the city, located just 3 nautical miles NW of the city in Pitkin County, Colorado.

Facilities at the airport include a renovated 44,000 square feet terminal, an FBO operated by Atlantic Aviation, and a single, 8,006 foot asphalt runway to accommodate most private jets. A potential 80,000 square foot, two story terminal with eight boarding gates is being proposed.

Pitkin’s Code creates unique operating limitations — due to non-standard runway/taxiway separation, aircraft wingspan is limited to 95 ft (29 m); aircraft weight is restricted to 100,000 pounds (45,000 kg) maximum certificated gross landing weight or less; (KASE) Aspen – Pitkin also uses an operating curfew, prohibiting operations between 23:00 and 07:00 local time, and no departures are allowed after 22:30pm local time.

(KGWS, GWS) Glenwood Springs Airport – Glenwood Springs, CO

Clients hiring a smaller turbo-prop or piston aircraft can arrive at Glenwood Springs Municipal Airport (IATA: GWS, ICAO: KGWS, FAA LID: GWS).

Glenwood Springs Muni is located 41 miles NW, and helicopter rentals can be arranged to quickly transfer you to a local facility. Facilities include a single 3,305 foot asphalt runway to accommodate smaller aircraft.

(KLXV, LXV) Lake County Airport – Leadville, CO

The highest elevation airport in North America, Lake County Airport (IATA: LXV, ICAO: KLXV, FAA LID: LXV) is also known as Leadville, and located in Lake County, Colorado.

(KLXV) Leadville | Lake County is only 24 miles away, however, it takes nearly 3 hours driving over 130 miles around the Rockies to reach Aspen. Instead, ACA can arrange a quick helicopter transfer using LXV’s H1 concrete helipad (150 m x 46 m); for private jets, turbo-props and piston aircraft, runway 16/34 measures 6,400 feet and Leadville offers FBO services for private fliers.

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