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Private Jet from New York to Los Angeles

The routes between New York City and Los Angeles are the most popular cross country trips in aviation. Renting a private jet between (TEB) Teterboro Airport and (VNY) Van Nuys provides business and leisure travelers with the highest levels of privacy, security and comfort.

Private Jet Travel Los Angeles New York City
Rent a private jet from Los Angeles to New York, or from NYC to LA!

Air Charter Advisors is your source for 24/7 private jet rentals from New York to Los Angeles, providing you with the highest standards in executive & luxury air travel and a variety of luxury concierge services.

We can also arrange private jet and helicopter service using other airports in the New York City and Los Angeles areas, including (LGA) LaGuardia, (HPN) Westchester | White Plains and all areas of Long Island, as well as (BUR) Bob Hope Airport, (SMO) Santa Monica Municipal, (SNA) John Wayne Airport and other airports surrounding Los Angeles.

The cost of charter a private jet from New York to Los Angeles starts at around $40,000* for a one-way flight using a Super Midsize Jet such as the Cessna Citation X.

The cost for a heavy jet from NYC to LA starts at around $50,000* for a one-way flight with seating for up to 12-14 passengers.

Hourly Private Jet Charter Rates**
$1,000 – $2,000/hour
$1,500 – $2,800/hour
Very Light Jets (VLJ)
$2,500 – $3,200/hour
Light Jets
$3,500 – $4,800/hour
Super Light Jets
$4,250 – $5,250/hour
Midsize Jets
$4,800 – $6,000/hour
Super Midsize Jets
$6,000 – $7,500/hour
Heavy Jets
$8,500 – $10,500/hr
Long Range Jets
$12,000 – $15,000/hr
VIP Airliners
$18,000 – $30,000/hr

Our team arranges simple, pay-as-you-go private jet service with all-inclusive, upfront pricing – no contracts, no hidden charges and no membership fees.

Air Charter Advisors offers access to a wide range of aircraft options anywhere in the world at a moments notice. We also work to offer the most competitive rates possible, whether you’re looking for efficient, enjoyable or extravagant.

New York to Los Angeles | Super Midsize Jet

  • Estimated Flight Time: 6 hours 25 minutes
  • Seating: 7-10 passengers
  • One-Way Cost: starting at $40,000*
  • Round-Trip Cost: starting at $50,000 – $55,000* (next day)

New York to Los Angeles | Heavy Jet

  • Estimated Flight Time: 5 hours 45 minutes
  • Seating: 10-14 passengers
  • One-Way Cost: starting at $50,000 – 60,000*
  • Round-Trip Cost: starting at $65,000 – $75,000* (next day)

New York to Los Angeles | Long Range Jet

  • Estimated Flight Time: 5 hours 30 minutes
  • Seating: 10-16 passengers
  • One-Way Cost: starting at $75,000 – $90,000*
  • Round-Trip Cost: starting at $100,000 – $120,000* (next day)

Rent a private jet from Los Angeles to Teterboro Airport with Air Charter Advisors’ on-demand jet charter service.

The stars in Los Angeles may shine the brightest, but nothing can satisfy one’s hunger for culture, entertainment, nightlife and an overall sense of being at the center of the world than taking a bite out of the Big Apple.

New York City is one of the top destination’s in the world for business, arts, entertainment, cuisine and culture, and high-profile, VIP clients in Los Angeles prefer renting a private jet into (TEB) Teterboro Airport, NYC’s most popular private jet hub located just 12 miles outside of Manhattan.

(LGA) LaGuardia and (JFK) John F Kennedy are inconvenient options for business flyers, especially when flying on a tight schedule or to last minute meetings. Teterboro, on the other hand, is a short drive or even quicker helicopter transfer away from Wall Street and both sides of downtown Manhattan, and it’s dedicated solely to general aviation — (KTEB) Teterboro maintains a weight limit of 100,000 lbs per aircraft, limiting traffic to private and business aircraft, and eliminating commercial service, as intended.

There are five FBO’s located at Teterboro, operated by Atlantic Aviation, Landmark Aviation, Jet Aviation, Meridian Teterboro, Signature Flight Support, giving private jet travelers an easy way to get in and out of NYC — only (LGB) LeBourget in Paris has more fixed-base operators.

Whether you’re flying to New York for a business meeting or conferenceattending an award showhave tickets for a sporting event or just visiting for a weekend in Manhattan, we can arrange the perfect aircraft based on the goals of your trip.

Airports in the NYC area

Teterboro is the preferred arrival airport for business jets flying to NYC, however, additional airports may allow clients to arrive closer to their destinations, including airports in White Plains, Farmingdale and across Long Island.

  • (KTEB, TEB) Teterboro Airport – Teterboro, NJ
    Runway Length: 7,000 feet
    FBO: Atlantic Aviation | Jet Aviation | Meridian Teterboro | Signature Flight Support (East, South & West)
  • (KJFK, JFK) John F. Kennedy International Airport – Queens, NY
    Runway Length: 14,511 feet
    FBO: SheltAir Aviation Services
  • (KLGA, LGA) LaGuardia Airport – New York City, NY
    Runway Length: 7,003 feet
    FBO: SheltAir Aviation Services
  • (KHPN, HPN) Westchester County Airport | White Plains Airport – White Plains, NY
    Runway Length: 6,549 feet
    FBO: Ross Aviation (East & West), Signature Flight Support (East & West), Million Air
  • (KFRG, FRG) Republic Airport | Farmingdale Airport – Long Island, NY
    Runway Length: 6,833 feet
    FBO: Atlantic Aviation | SheltAir Aviation Services | Talon Air

Heliports for NYC Helicopter Charter Service

Get into downtown Manhattan quickly and comfortably by arranging a private helicopter charter after your plane arrives at Teterboro.

  • East 34th Street Heliport (K6N5, 6N5)
    NYC, New York
  • West 30th Street Heliport (KJRA, JRA)
    NYC, New York
  • Downtown Manhattan | Wall Street Heliport (KJRB, JRB)
    NYC, New York

Long Island Airports

ACA can arrange private air charter service to/from any of the following airports on Long Island, NY. If you don’t see your preferred airport listed, contact one of our brokers and tell them about your trip.

  • (KISP, ISP) Long Island MacArthur Airport – Islip, New York
    Longest Runway: 7,006 feet
  • (KHWV, HWV, WSH) Brookhaven Airport – Shirley, New York
    Longest Runway: 4,224 feet
  • (KHTO, HTO) East Hampton Airport – East Hampton, New York
    Longest Runway: 4,255 feet
  • (CTO, 3C8) Calverton Executive Airpark – Calverton, New York
    Longest Runway: 10,000 feet
  • (KFOK, FOK) Francis S. Gabreski Airport – Westhampton Beach, New York
    Longest Runway: 9,000 feet
  • (KMTP, MTP) Montauk Airport – Montauk, New York
    Longest Runway: 3,246 feet
  • (KFRG, FGR) Republic Airport – East Farmingdale, New York
    Longest Runway: 6,833 feet

Local Heliports/Helipads

ACA can also arrange helicopter charters to many parts of Long Island after your private jet touches down at Teterboro, or whichever airport you prefer when flying into NYC.

  • (5NK3) Westhampton Beach Heliport – Westhampton, New York
    Largest Helipad: 84 ft x 78 ft
  • (NK48) Eastern Long Island Heliport – Greenport, New York
    Largest Helipad: 40 ft x 40 ft
  • (87N) Southampton Heliport – Southampton, New York
    Largest Helipad: 44 ft x 44 ft
  • (NY45) Robins Island South Heliport – New Suffolk, New York
    Largest Helipad: 75 ft x 75 ft
  • (4NY9) Belmont Park Heliport – Elmont, New York
    Largest Helipad: 75 ft x 40 ft
  • (5NY6) Merrill Glen Cove Heliport – Glen Cove, New York
    Largest Helipad: 200 ft x 150 ft
  • (6N5) East 34th Street Heliport – Manhattan, New York
    Largest Helipad: 44 ft x 44 ft
  • (KJRA, JRA) West 30th St Heliport – Manhattan, New York
    Largest Helipad: 44 ft x 44 ft

Learn more about Private jet charters in New York City, and check out other destinations for private flights in the state of New York.

Rent a private jet from Teterboro Airport to Los Angeles with Air Charter Advisors’ on-demand jet charter service.

The two media capitals of the United States (and the rest of the world, arguably) share a lot in common, from iconic landmarks, fine dining with diverse cuisine, world-renowned events and industry award shows to some of the most luxurious five-star resorts and two of the busiest general aviation airports in the world.

Van Nuys is the preferred airport for celebrities, media members and executives, and after around 260,000 movements in 2013, (KVNY) Van Nuys Airport ranks as one of the busiest private aviation airports in the world. It’s location along the north western outskirts of downtown Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley just 20 minutes outside of downtown Los Angeles have made it the gateway into Hollywood for many actors/actresses, athletes, musicians, celebrities, and other VIPs.

Four FBOs — Signature Flight Support (East & West), Jet Aviation, Castle & Cooke Aviation and Clay Lacy Aviation — are located at on-site and are fully equipped to accommodate the most demanding private travelers. Read more about private aviation at (VNY) Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles, California, United States.

The Los Angeles Metropolitan area offers plenty of other departure/arrival options for travelers looking to take-off or land closer to home, and airports such as (SNA) John Wayne, (BUR) Bob Hope, (LBG) Long Beach and (CNO) Chino Airport are popular private jet hubs outside of downtown LA.

Whether you’re flying into Teterboro on your way to NYC, or flying from New York back to SoCal, our brokers are available 24/7 and have access to thousands of aircraft at a moment’s notice. Let us connect you to the perfect jet for your flight between Los Angeles and New York, and enjoy the comfort and peace of mind you get working with an air charter company you can trust.

Airports in the Los Angeles area

  • (KVNY, VNY) Van Nuys Airport – Van Nuys, California
    Longest Runway: 8,001 feet
    FBO: Castle & Cooke | Clay Lacy | Jet Aviation | Signature Flight Support VNY (East & West)
  • (KLAX, LAX) Los Angeles International Airport – Los Angeles, California
    Longest Runway: 11,095 feet
    FBO: Atlantic Aviation | Signature Flight Support LAX
  • (KSNA, SNA) John Wayne Orange County Airport – Santa Ana, California
    Longest Runway: 5,701 feet
    FBO: Atlantic Aviation | Signature Flight Support SNA
  • (KBUR, BUR) Bob Hope Airport – Burbank, California
    Longest Runway: 6,886 feet
    FBO: Atlantic Aviation | Million Air Burbank
  • (KSMO, SMO) Santa Monica Municipal Airport – Santa Monica, California
    Longest Runway: 4,973 feet
    FBO: Atlantic Aviation
  • (KLGB, LGB) Long Beach Daugherty Field Airport – Long Beach, California
    Longest Runway: 10,003 feet
    FBO: JFI JetCenter | Pacific Jet Center | Ross Aviation | Signature Flight Support LGB
  • (KPSP, PSP) Palm Springs International Airport, Palm Springs – California
    Longest Runway: 10,000 feet
    FBO: Atlantic Aviation | Signature Flight Support PSP
  • (KCMA, CMA) Camarillo Airport – Camarillo, California
    Longest Runway: 6,013 feet
    FBO: Air 7 | Channel Islands Aviation | Sun Air Jets | Western Cardinal
  • (KONT, ONT) LA/Ontario Airport – Ontario, California
    Longest Runway: 12,197 feet
    FBO: Guardian Jet Center
  • (KCNO, CNO) Chino Airport – Chino, California
    Longest Runway: 7,000 feet
    FBO: Encore Jet Center | Flying Tigers Aviation | Threshold Aviation
  • (KSBA, SBA) Santa Barbara Municipal Airport – Santa Barbara, California
    Longest Runway: 6,052 feet
    FBO: Atlantic Aviation | Signature Flight Support SBA

Learn more about Private Aviation in Los Angeles, and check out more destinations for private aviation in North America.

ACA arranges on-demand charter flights from NYC to LA on a variety of private aircraft. We’re not limited by any fleet, and can arrange any size, type or model aircraft you prefer.

Cessna 680 Jet Charter
Source: stuart.mike / CC BY 2.0

Safety is our #1 priority, and our charter brokerage is one of fewer than 100 Wyvern-registered charter brokers around the world.

We have access to thousands of private jets and turbo-props located across the country and around the world, and every aircraft we arrange is operated by FAR Part 135 or 121 (or foreign equivalent) air carriers, using experienced pilots with a wealth of flight time in the aircraft you’re renting.

ACA can provide a variety of options based on the goals and budget of your trip, whether you’re looking for a cost-effective charter option or the most luxurious, fully-stocked private jet on the market. Check out our Aircraft Gallery for more details on all of the aircraft available for your trip.

We also have access to corporate and VIP airliners for executive groups, sports team charter flight, and special events like weddings and bachelor/bachelorette parties. Check the list below for private aircraft available for charter flights between New York City and Los Angeles.

Don’t see your preferred turbo-prop, piston or jet listed below? Call one of our brokers and they will locate one for you!

Pistons & Turboprops

View all Pistons and Turboprops

Small Jets

View all VLJ | Light Jets | Super Light

Medium Jets

View all Midsize and Super Midsize Jets

Large Jets

View all Heavy Jets | View all Long Range Jets | View all VIP Airliners

Request a FREE Quote | Private Jet from NYC to LA

ACA also offers the flexibility to use the most efficient jet or turbo-prop for each flight, using systems to view available aircraft across the market, whether you’re flying domestically or internationally.

We can check for available empty-legs, as well reviewing potential one-way routing, to negotiate the best prices and offer all-inclusive quotes. ACA can often be a cost-effective way for luxury travelers to fly between New York and Southern California.

For private jet charter rates on flights between New York City | Teterboro Airport (TEB) and Los Angeles | (VNY) Van Nuys Airport, contact us or call our 24/7 flight support team at 1-888-987-5387 (JETS).

All prices subject to aircraft availability. Example pricing is all-inclusive plus tax and based on previous flights between KTEB-KVNY and market averages. Additional airports in New York and Los Angeles are available, and pricing may vary. Additional fees including de-icing, catering, FBO, additional flight time due to weather/ATC, Wi-Fi usage, and ground transportation billed separately. Rates and availability subject to change based on scheduling, positioning, fuel costs, and other factors. Request a free charter quote for the exact cost of your private flight between New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA.

** Hourly charter rates do not include fuel, taxes, crew, and operational fees. Rates will vary based on year, make, and model of aircraft; routing, scheduling/availability and more, and do not include catering, ground transportation, or de-icing.