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Gulfstream G500 & G600 Flight Restrictions

New limitations in place for G500 & G600 operations following a hard landing incident

May 5th, 2022Gulfstream Aerospace has revised the wind conditions in which G500s and G600s are permitted to land, affecting around 160 models in service.

Gulfstream G500/G600
Source: Gulfstream

The new restrictions include maximum landing wind speeds of up to 15 knots (17 mph; 28 km/h), and establish a maximum wind gust of 5 knots for landing.

The reductions come after one of their large-cabin business jets experienced an unexpected change in flight controls during gusty winds that resulted in a hard landing.

The incident involved the activation of the AOA (Angle of Attack) Limiter Mode on a Gulfstream G500, resulting in insufficient nose-up authority for the pilot to control the rate of decent at touchdown despite the side-stick in the full aft position.

Gulfstream G500/G600

The G500 and G600 were introduced in 2018-2019 to replace the G550 and G650 in the G-series lineup.

Both models share the same platform, including the same fly-by-wire controls and flight deck technologies.

The Gulfstream G500 carried a price of $45 million, while a new Gulfstream G600 costs $54.5 million, and there are around 90 G500’s and 76 G600’s currently in service.

The manufacturer also warns that new software updates may delay certification of its upcoming G700 and G800 ultra-long-range jets.

Additional restrictions for the G500/G600 include:

  • Approaches must be stabilized by 1,000 feet altitude prior to landing
  • ILS or FMS-based approaches require mandatory vertical guidance for night landings
  • Updated minimum approach speed to calculate landing distance and auto-throttles during approach, landing, and pilot-operated flight to maintain control in the event of performance anomaly.

Gulfstream Aerospace announce that they anticipate a software fix to address its fly-by-wire flight controls to arrive later this year.

An alternate means of compliance (AMOC) from the FAA is also expected regarding its airworthiness directive.

Can I Still Charter a Gulfstream G500/G600?

Due to the current limitations and potential safety concerns, we are not arranging flights on these models until the issues have been addressed which is expected to be in Q4 2022.

Contact us for the latest information regarding these models.

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