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Private Flights on Daher Charter Planes

Daher is a French industrial conglomerate with operations in aerospace, defense, nuclear, and automotive industries and in the fields of manufacturing, services, and transport.

Daher originally started in 1911 as the Morane-Saulnier company, who later became known as SOCATA in 1966, and finally purchased by Daher in 2015, renamed as Daher-Socata and again as simply Daher.

It remains the world’s oldest aircraft manufacturer still in operation today.

The most popular aircraft in the Daher family is the TBM series, a family of high-performance, single-engine turboprops and a benchmark in civilian aviation, with more than 1,070 TBM models delivered worldwide.

Daher also offers the Kodiak 100 and Kodiak 900, a STOL (short takeoff/landing) aircraft utilized in special missions around the world.

In addition to manufacturing their own light aircraft, Daher is also an active subcontractor for aero-structures on behalf of Airbus, Boeing, Dassault, and Gulfstream Aerospace.