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The G550 from Gulfstream Aerospace is one of the most successful business jets in aviation history, and a popular choice for corporate and luxury travelers who demand reliability, performance, and comfort.

Gulfstream G550 private jet

The G550, officially marketed as the GV-SP, hit the market in 2003 as a variant of the Gulfstream V, offering increased range, performance, and payload capacity, as well as a redesigned cabin with better space efficiency.

This ultra-long range business jet is one of the most successful and capable business jets on the market, carrying a maximum of 18 passengers, flying up to 6,750 nautical miles, and able to perform 12 hour non-stop flights while getting executives in and out of challenging, short-runway airports.

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G550 Key Features

  • The Ultimate in Luxury & Performance
  • Impressive Long-Distance Flight Range
  • Seating for 12-18 Passengers
  • Full sized, Walk-in Lavatory/Wardrobe
  • Spacious, Quiet Interior

Popular Flight Requests

Powered by the most thrust of any jet in its class and an impressive cruising range of 6,750 nautical miles, the G550 can fly non-stop from New York to Moscow or Shanghai to Los Angeles at 0.80 Mach; a take-off distance of 5,910 feet and landing distance of 2,770 feet allow the GV-SP to fly executives to/from many airports outside the capabilities of its peers.

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Aircraft Details

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The Gulfstream 550 is a standard-bearer in the business aviation community – one of the most frequently deployed business jets for executive and corporate flyers, it’s also a favorite among VIPs, celebrities, athletes, and luxury travelers.

Compared to the Gulfstream V, the G550 offers an additional 250 nautical mile range, and allows for an additional 500 lbs. of maximum take-off weight. A high-speed cruising performance of 561 mph and 51,000 foot maximum ceiling helps passengers avoid turbulence and enjoy a smooth, relaxing ride during long distance, transoceanic flights.

The cabin’s size is similar to the 500, with a modified layout to maximize space more efficiently. Designs include hand-tailored leather seats, hundreds of exquisite fabrics, and dozens of unique wood finishes.

Seating for the G5 plane is typically configured for between fourteen and nineteen people, and typical baggage amounts for 14 passengers may include eight suitcases, six carry on size bags, and two sets of golf clubs.

The GV-SP is one of the most reliable aircraft on the market. Collectively, there are more than 500 aircraft in service with more than 1 million hours in service and an NBAA dispatch reliability rating of 99.9 percent, or equal to missing just one flight during five years of service on average, offering the dependability that corporate flight departments and private owners require.

The interior features 14 signature, oval windows, allowing plenty of natural light to covert the cabin into a comfortable meeting room, or to offer breath-taking views from 51,000 feet.

Cabin features including 100% fresh-air replenishment, low-altitude cabin pressurization, and reduced cabin noise allow passengers to stay energetic, focused, and relaxed. Add Wi-Fi connectivity, satellite communications, and an array of office essentials including printer/phone/fax systems, and the G550 the perfect choice for your executive office in the sky.

Differences between the G550, GV, and G500

Max Range6,750 nm6,500 nm5,800 nm
Max Operating SpeedMach 0.885Mach 0.885Mach 0.885
Max Cruise51,000 ft51,000 ft51,000 ft
Max Takeoff Weight91,000 lbs90,500 lbs85,100 lbs

Gulfstream G550 / GV-SP | Pricing & Performance

Charter rates on a Gulfstream G5 / GV-SP / G550  will vary depending on year of model, date & time, scheduling, flight routing, passengers and luggage totals, and additional factors. Call us for the latest pricing and availability on a G5 plane in your area, and ask about empty leg jet charters, which may reduce the cost of your private flight by up to 50% or more!

  • Hourly Charter Rate: $7,000–$9,000*
  • MSRP: $45,000,000 – $60,000,000
  • Avg. Cruising Speed: 459 knots (528 mph)
  • Maximum Speed: 652 mph (0.85 mach)
  • Maximum Range: 6,750 nautical miles

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