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Trump TFR in NJ

Presidential TFR in New Jersey | August 3–20, 2017

Starting on August 4th, 2017, President Donald Trump will take his first official vacation from Washington since the inauguration, adding to the 41 visits to his properties since late January.

A Presidential Temporary Flight Restriction will go into effect for the area surrounding his private golf club as Trump begins a 17-day getaway to his 500-acre private golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. This will limit aircraft operations at several local airports, and will disrupt routing for private planes traveling across the TFR area.

What is a Temporary Flight Restriction?

A President of the United States TFR (Temporary Flight Restriction) will go into effect from August 3 – 20, 2017 at Somerset (SMQ), Solberg Hunterdon (N51), Morristown Municipal (MMU), Newark Liberty International (EWR) and other airports surrounding Bedminster, NJ while the President visits his private golf club during the month August.

Example of the Presidential TFR in New Jersey earlier this year in May

These flight restrictions (POTUS TFR) will be put in place within a 1-mile radius, 10-mile radius and 30-mile radius due to the proximity of the Trump National Golf Club, and will affect the airspace from the surface to 17,999 feet.

Operators should expect potential re-routes and non-standard routing in the inner 10 nm TFR core, and pilots are encouraged to review specific Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) language each time a TFR is published and active, as details may change.

Airports Within 10 Miles 

(SMQ) Somerset Airport
(N51) Solberg Hunterdon
(47N) Central New Jersey Regional

Airports Within 30 Miles

(N05) Hackettstown
(MMU) Morristown Municipal
(39N) Princeton Rocky Hill
(N40) Sky Manor
(N85) Alexandria
(LDJ) Linden
(CDW) Essex County
(EWR) Newark Liberty Intl
(N07) Lincoln Park
(3N6) Old Bridge
(TTN) Trenton-Mercer
(1N7) Blairstown
(N87) Trenton-Robbinsville

More TFR Troubles?

Although it’s common practice for Presidents to vacation during the Congressional recess in August, Trump has already tormented the private/general aviation community in West Palm Beach County, FL, and now turns his attention to Bedminster, NJ.

So, naturally you may be wondering why the President is announcing his first extended vacation.

Part of the reason for Trump’s vacation comes from the White House replacing its 27 year-old heating & cooling system and performing upgrades around the building, forcing all employees to clear out by the end of the week.

Repair workers are expected to work around the clock, with upgrades completed by August 21, 2017 — the same day a total eclipse will pass across the United States.

The part about him staying at yet another of his private properties may have something to do with recent reports of the President calling the White House “a real dump” in compared to his Bedminster Golf Club.

Coincidentally, a variety of cosmetic upgrades including interior paint and new carpets/curtains are also on the to-do list, and in a twist of irony, leaks will be fixed in the White House Press Room, but only regarding its ceiling.

For all the necessity of the trip, it’s become evident that Trump loves his private properties: after spending 25 days at Mar-a-Lago and 11 days at Trump national Golf Club, this will mark his 42nd visit to his golf clubs, with 19 confirmed rounds of golf. Trump has spent 22% of his time at one of his golf clubs to the tune of at least $55 million to date — that’s roughly equivalent to the cost of a brand new Gulfstream G500.