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4th of July

Whether you want to spend the 4th of July with your family or use the opportunity for leisure travel, a private flight through Air Charter Advisors is the best way to reach your destination and celebrate Independence Day in the United States!

American Flag

In order to do this, we partake in a variety of activities that are often based around patriotism and core American values. Though our celebrations are similar to other countries, you’ll see that America definitely puts its own spin on things.

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Fireworks, barbecues, block parties, and parades are some of the most iconic 4th of July activities. People all over the country dress up in red, white, and blue colors- some even don elaborate costumes or wear face paint and silly hats. Now depending on what region you live in, there may be a different set of customs. Certain areas are famous for one event while less focus goes to the others; however, there are a few special cities that go big for everything.

New York City, NY

New York City is one such city. With the elaborate Macy’s 4th of July Parade, and a city-sponsored firework show, it’s not a celebration to be missed. Most New Yorkers and visitors will head over to Times Square for the biggest fireworks display in the country, though you may consider watching from a more remote location if you don’t feel like being packed shoulder to shoulder with everyone else.

This is entirely possible due to the enormity of the display. All of these things make Manhattan an ideal location. From luxurious hotels with front row seats to the firework displays, to gourmet restaurants for when you’re running on empty, Manhattan offers visitors more than most cities. You can book a night at the Warwick and watch the enormous display from the comfort of a posh and generously appointed suites.

Tag on the iconic and convenient (TEB) Teterboro Airport and several helipads through the city, and private jet travelers couldn’t ask for a better destination. However, that doesn’t mean that other cities aren’t worth a look.

Private Jet Charter New York City

Flagstaff, AZ

Locals in Flagstaff, Arizona, will start their celebration early. Their night begins way before everyone else’s at 12 am. Flagstaff locals kick things off with what is by far the biggest 4th of July parade in the country. Gigantic patriotic floats, the blaring sounds of top tier marching bands and famous musical guests are just a few things in store for visitors to this iconic city. They don’t have just a day of celebrating; their 4th of July spans the entire weekend for a truly incredible experience.

Fly into (FLG) Flagstaff Pulliam Airport for the most convenient option before the festivities start. At just 5 miles outside of where everything is happening, it’d be hard to find a more attractive landing area for your private flight. After landing, you can head downtown to enjoy one of Flagstaff’s several hotels found throughout the district. Private jet travelers will have their pick of the litter with several boutique and Bed & Breakfast options for a 4th of July getaway.

Private Jet Charter Flagstaff

San Diego, CA

If you find yourself drawn to the West Coast more than the East, then San Diego may be your best 4th of July option. The city is widely known for its patriotism due to the military bases and traditional big city culture that intermingle throughout the downtown and surrounding areas.

Its reputation precedes it during this time of year with more West Coast natives traveling to San Diego for 4th of July than any other West Coast city. Private flyers will have tons of options for enjoying their patriotic weekend. San Diego offers more variety than anywhere else by turning the whole city into a giant festival. Different parades run throughout the day in just about every district, while each beach has its own firework display that rivals the one next to it. Restaurants offer 4th of July specials, and beachside restaurants do the same. Along with this variety comes a ton of airport and hotel options for after your private flight lands.

Your best bet is to fly in early and make use of (SAN) San Diego International Airport’s convenient location, at just 3 miles outside of downtown San Diego it’s definitely the closest. For hotels, private jet travelers will want to be as close to the festivities as possible, and San Diego makes it easy with their Embassy Suites San Diego Bay location. Make sure you get a west-facing room, because this hotel is just a stone’s throw away from the city’s biggest fireworks display – the Big Bay Boom.

Private Jet Charter San Diego

Las Vegas, NV

Wherever you decide to go for your luxurious 4th of July weekend, Air Charter Advisors can arrange the private flight itinerary to meet your every need. Available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, our jet charter brokers are available to arrange flights with as little as 4 hours’ notice.

Whether you need a multi-leg flight with in-flight catering, luxury ground transportation, or private helicopter lifts, our jet charter brokers can arrange it all. Your 4th of July getaway is important to you, so it’s important to us as well.

However, our top priority is always your safety; very flight is subject to our stringent guidelines regarding aircraft maintenance and pilot experience.

Start planning your 4th of July weekend now, and give us a call to request a quote or book a private flight to your destination of choice.

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