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Cinco de Mayo

Charter a private flight to one of the Cinco de Mayo festivals across the U.S.

Primarily an American holiday, Cinco de Mayo originally celebrated the Mexican victory over the Napoleon-led French army of the 1860’s. Attesting to the influence of this battle, many historians claim that had Mexico been defeated, the American Civil-War may have ended in a Confederate victory.

Today the original meaning has been nearly forgotten. And, while work and school are out in some Mexican states, Cinco de Mayo enjoys significantly greater U.S. participation. A celebration of Mexican culture, cuisine, dance, and music, Cinco de Mayo breeds some of America’s largest festivals. Call now to arrange your private jet to one of them!

Cinco de Mayo is the perfect holiday for private jet travelers. But though all offer good fun, not all Cinco de Mayo festivals are created equal. Certain cities are known for putting on truly impressive parties that last all weekend, turning the holiday into a major event. These cities also happen to have very large Latino populations, so there should be no surprises here.

Expect to see grand parades, hundreds of vendors selling food, knickknacks, and drinks, live music, and swaths of dancing visitors. Make sure to practice your Salsa and Cumba moves, because dancing is nearly a requirement at these enormous block parties. After taking a few Salsa lessons, call and book your private flight to your festival of choice.

Private jet travelers will find that Denver boasts an impressive degree of Mexican spirit on Cinco de Mayo. Turning out a huge parade, famous musicians in various genres, and several contests like chili cook-off, taco eating, and Chihuahua racing, it’s easy to see how the Denver Cinco de Mayo Festival attracts 400,000 people every year. Though Denver is only the tip of the Cinco de Mayo iceberg, you can call us now and book your private jet into the city for a great time.

Phoenix and San Antonio are two cities that know a thing or two about Mexican culture, and are perfect destinations for private jet travelers. With some of the largest Mexican and Chicano populations in the country, it would be hard to find a more authentic Cinco de Mayo party.

San Antonio has the largest Mexican marketplace North of the Rio Grande River all year, and Phoenix brings an actual carnival in for their Cinco de Mayo. Private jet travelers can call now and book their flight and enjoy everything that these cities have to offer. With the usual dancing, drinking, and other festivities, these two cities are definitely worth a visit.

Coming out on top in the Cinco de Mayo competition, Los Angeles is the undisputed champion of this Mexico-themed holiday. One of the top destinations for private flights, private jet travelers couldn’t ask for a better locale. With a population that is more than half Latino, Los Angeles has the largest population of Mexicans North of Mexico City.

Enjoy the sites and festivities of Cinco de Mayo and Fiesta Broadway, two festivals combined to form a weekend of epic proportions. 500,000 people gather to see the Cinco de Mayo Parade with its professional performers dancing, singing, twirling, and putting on a wonderful show.

Really get into the Mexican spirit in the L.A historic district; surrounded by building dating back to Mexico’s occupation of the area, it’s hard to imagine a more perfect setting. When flying into the area, private jet travelers have a multitude of airport options. Call now and book your private flight to Los Angeles, California.