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Preakness Stakes

Preakness? More like Freakness. Let your wild side lose by booking a private jet to the more light-hearted side of equestrian society.

Fly via private jet charter to catch the Preakness Stakes, a race very different from its affluent and posh brethren. For contrast: The Kentucky Derby aims to give its high-rollers the most luxurious experience that it possibly can.

private jet preakness stakes
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The renovations to Churchill Downs showcase the absolute finest amenities and grandest accouterments that money can buy. Big hats, fancy clothes, Mint Juleps, and things of that sort are common fare at the Kentucky Derby.

However, the Preakness — oh, the Preakness — tosses those fancy hats in the air, throws its head back and laughs at the decadence of The Kentucky Derby.

Airports for Private Flights to the Preakness

Many clients flying private to Baltimore for the Preakness Stakes typically arrive at either Baltimore/Washington International Airport (BWI) or Martin State Airport (MTN), both located within 25 miles of the track. Check with one of our brokers to review the private airports in Baltimore, MD available for your trip.

(KBWI, BWI) Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport – Baltimore, Maryland
Longest Runway: 10,502 feet

(KMTN, MTN) Martin State Airport – Middle River, Maryland
Longest Runway: 6,996 feet

(KFME, FME) Tipton Airport – Odenton, Maryland
Longest Runway: 3,000 feet

Luxury VIP Experiences @ Pimlico for the Preakness Stakes

Private Jet Charters in Baltimore, MD

Book a private flight to Baltimore and get your Preak on.

Officially advertised by a centaur dubbed “Kegasus”, the inner field of this brilliant event is known as one of Maryland’s wildest parties. 2009 almost saw the event canceled as a video of ambitious fans running along the tops of portable toilets while being pelted by beer cans went viral. 

While the infield is certainly an option, more relaxation minded private jet travelers may prefer box seats, or the highly coveted private tents. Starting with the ultra-premium Preakness Village, ticket holders will experience the best that Preakness has to offer.

Enjoy climate controlled tents with personal food stations, gourmet breakfast and lunch buffets. You’ll have an open top shelf bar, VIP concert passes, and private wager booths. The other packages often cater to more corporate crowds, so private jet travelers may want to look into the Chalet for business events.

The Preakness Stakes takes place at Pimlico Race Track, located in Baltimore, Maryland. Only thoroughbreds race there, and it’s become a gathering place for the biggest names in equestrian society. For private jet travelers that haven’t been to the area, Baltimore is an incredible city with a myriad of attractions.

Take a day away from the track and head to the National Aquarium or the American Visionary Art Museum to get a taste of Baltimore’s more cultured side. It’s also a very convenient destination, with various airports around the area to suit even the most niche needs.

Fly into (BWI) Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport. It’s only 10 miles outside of the city proper and has excellent accommodations for private jet travelers.

Whichever Preakness package you decide on, and wherever you fly into, Air Charter Advisors can help make your trip as smooth as possible. Our jet charter brokers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure any issues are swiftly taken care of.

Our flight support jockeys will go the extra furlong when arranging your trip; they can arrange anything from private flights with in-flight catering to luxury ground transportation and helicopter lifts.

Our number one priority at Air Charter Advisors is customer satisfaction and safety. Request a quote now or call to speak with a jet charter broker and arrange your private flight to the Preakness!

Event Information

The Preakness Stakes
Saturday, May 21st, 2022
Baltimore, Maryland

Pimlico Race Course
5201 Park Heights Ave, Baltimore, MD 21215
Tel. (410) 542-9400


     Source: Flickr

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