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Coronavirus and its Impact on Private Jet Travel

What Impact will the Coronavirus have on Private Jet Travel?

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads throughout the globe and stands on the verge of starting a pandemic, we reflect on our needs and desires to travel. Is it worth going to the airport and being in a crowd of others? Is it worth getting in a commercial plane with hundreds of passengers that may have previously been exposed to the virus?

private jets and coronavirus

For many people, these risks may not be avoidable but traveling commercially may in fact been a huge risk. Traveling is necessary for many corporations and private consultants that are running their businesses. For many, this may be the only way to visit family and friends over holidays. Maybe it’s that overdue vacation that you have been planning for months.

What impact will the Coronavirus outbreak have on business & personal travel?

While there is no way to completely avoid all the risks of travel, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), along with dozens of other governmental outfits throughout the globe have suggested to stay clear of mass gatherings and limit physical contact and exposure to others that show symptoms of respiratory illness such as coughing and sneezing.

Yes, many of the commercial airlines are taking extra precautions, but this is unmatched to flying in a private jet with no other passengers but the pilots and possibly a flight attendant.

Flying via Private Jet Charter to avoid the Corona Virus along with other viruses and infections may be very helpful for those who have the means. Whether you are 100% healthy or have a compromised immune system, traveling via private jet means there are virtually no lines of passengers, no large terminals of others gathering prior to boarding, no security lines, and no bag check lines. You don’t even have to sit around in a terminal waiting to be called just to spend time in the jet bridge rubbing elbows with no ventilation prior to boarding the plane.

So how do I board my plane at the airport without exposing myself to other passengers?

When chartering a private flight, it is possible in many cities to bypass the need to go through any terminal whatsoever and be driven directly to the side of the Private Jet. This is not applicable to all airports and is subject to airport security protocols.

car next to luxury jet

However, when plane side drop-off/pick-up is not available, passengers will typically board their planes via private terminals at the airport. Also known as “Fixed Base Operators” or “FBO’s” for short, they serve as stand-alone terminals separate from the congested commercial terminals, and may offer passengers lounges with Wi-Fi, concierge services including car rental and accommodations, and other services for pilots and aircraft operations. You’ll also pass through another private terminal upon arrival, limiting your exposure at both departure & arrival destinations.

More Information

For the latest information regarding the COVID-19 in the United States and around the globe, please follow the links below:

Air Charter Advisors will be available around the clock to handle requests for private flights during this uncertain period. Whether you’re altering future travel plans or making last-minute changes to an upcoming trip, please email us or give us a call at +1 (888) 987-5387 for more information.