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CDC Mask Mandate

New Mask Mandate from CDC to Apply to Charter Flights, FBOs

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released a new order effective February 2nd, 2021, requiring all passengers across all forms of public transportation into, within, or outside of the United States to wear face masks.

source: unsplash

This order extends to FAR Part 135 charter flights, and while passing through transportation hubs, including private terminals and FBOs.

Exemptions in place for passengers during the following: when passengers are eating/drinking, communicating with hearing impaired passengers, children under the age of 2, and passengers with disabilities preventing them from safely wearing a mask.

This order does not apply to private travel for personal, non-commercial services under private Part 91 operations (owner-operated flights).

The order outlines the types of masks permitted by CDC guidelines and those that are not permitted, such as neck gaiters, face shields, bandanas, and other coverings (see below)


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