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Charter a private flight to one of the most prestigious events in Tennis.

Air Charter Advisors arranges private charter flights to/from London, UK for the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament.

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The Wimbledon Tennis Championships were established in the late 1800’s as a fun game to pass the time. It quickly escalated to competitive sport status, and eventually reached world recognition around 1950.

The tournament is one of only four Tennis Grand Slams in the world, and it’s the only one that is still held on a grass court.

The grass is meticulously groomed with each blade at exactly 8mm, and creates an overall faster match. The ball doesn’t bounce as high on grass, so the court favors players that like it close to the net and serve quickly. Grass courts also add an element of unpredictability to each match because the uneven soil can make balls travel in unexpected directions.

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Airports in London | Charter Flights to Wimbledon

Chartering a private flight to Wimbledon is easy — located only 13 miles outside of Wimbledon proper, (LCY) London City Airport is an ideal destination for your private flight. If you’d prefer a more anonymous and private experience, (NHT) Northolt Airport sits about 18 miles from All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club and is excellent for private flyers.

Regardless of which London-area airport you prefer, ACA can assist you all aspects of your private flight. Give the details to one of our brokers and they can arrange everything from the private flight with in-flight catering to ground transportation and helicopter lifts. Request a quote on our website or call now to let one of our Air Charter Advisors arrange your private flight to Wimbledon in London, England.

(EGLC, LCY) London City Airport
Longest Runway: 4,948 feet

(EGLF, FAB) Farnborough Airport
Longest Runway: 8,005 feet

(EGLL, LHR) Heathrow Airport
Longest Runway: 12,802 feet

(EGKB, BQH) Biggin Hill Airport
Longest Runway: 5,971 feet

(EGKK, LGW) Gatwick Airport
Longest Runway: 10,879 feet

(EGWU, NHT) RAF Northolt
Longest Runway: 5,535 feet

Luxury Experiences | VIP at Wimbledon

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There are millions of people that would give an arm and a leg to see a match at Wimbledon. Its worldwide following has elevated the event to near national holiday status in the United Kingdom.

People line up for miles to see the matches while standing. You’ll see people with tents, suitcases, and all the other necessities for camping out and waiting for the long haul. The rest of the town boils over with the energy of the event. Locals can be seen packed into bars all over the area in order to watch the matches and feel a bit of the community energy pulsating from the stadium.

While it’s certainly possible for many people to see the event with tickets starting at 25 Euros, the best seats in the house have sold for quite a bit more – as much as 85,000 Euros. Ticket holders in this price range will enjoy unrivaled views -unless you count the Royal Box- and exclusive access to several restaurants, bars, and lounges.

Regarding the Royal Box, only personally invited guests of the royal family may sit there. Your 85,000 Euro ticket would place you right near the queen, a few princes and princesses, and household names like David Beckham and the Jonas Brothers – just not in the same box as them.

Check out the event’s official website if you’d like more information on how to purchase tickets and other experience packages:

Event Information

June 27th – July 10th, 2022
London, England, UK

All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club
Church Rd, Wimbledon, London SW19 5AE, UK
Tel. +44 20 8944 1066

Request a Quote | Private Jet to the Wimbledon Tennis Championship

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