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US Open Tennis 2013

As the Wimbledon competitions come to an end, tennis enthusiasts await the final tennis tournament of the year, The US Open 2013. From August 26th to September 8th the top tennis competitors from around the world will meet at The USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing, New York for the 2013 US Open. This is the largest public tennis facility in the world.

As the fourth and final tournament of the year, The US Open marks the close of the Grand Slam and the final chance for competitors to earn an international championship. The stakes are high and the competitors are fierce.

With the former 2012 tennis champions defending their titles against some of the most talented players around the world, the 2013 US Open is bound to be a nail biting experience. Don’t miss the chance to view the final Men’s and Women’s Singles, Doubles and Mixed tennis competitions of the year.

To book a private jet charter or helicopter charter to the US Open, please let us know and we can secure your flight in advance. If you are traveling from Long Island, Westchester, New York City,Connecticut, or New Jersey skip the traffic and Helicopter Charter into (KLGA) LaGuardia Airport. The drive from KLGA airport is just 5 minutes by limousine to the tournament.

If you arriving by private jet to the US Open, you can fly into (KLGA) LaGuardia Airport, (KJFK) John F. Kennedy Airport, or (KTEB) Teterboro Airport.

Find tournament tickets at the US Open site, and book your next private jet charter flight to New York. Fly in comfort to witness one of the most anticipated athletic events of the year. The schedule (below), taken from the US Open home website details expected competition times, so get ready. See your favorite Wimbledon competitors meet up against talented qualifiers to find the 2013 US Open champions.

Date/sessionTimeFeatured Matches
Monday, August 26th
111:00 amMen’s/ Women’s 1st Round
27:00 pm Men’s/ Women’s 1st Round
Tuesday, August 27th
311:00 amMen’s/Women’s 1st Round
47:00 pmMen’s/Women’s 1st Round
Wednesday, August 28th
511:00 amMen’s 1st Round/Women’s 2nd Round
67:00 pmMen’s/Women’s 2nd Round
Thursday, August 29th
711:00 amMen’s/Women’s 2nd Round
87:00 pmMena/Women’s 2nd Round
Friday, August 30th
911:00 amMen’s 2nd Round/Women’s 3rd Round
107:00 pmMen’s/Women’s 3rd Round
Saturday, August 31st
1111:00 amMen’s/Women’s 3rd Round
127:00 pmMen’s/Women’s 3rd Round
Sunday, September 1st
1311:00 amMen’s 3rd Round/Women’s Round of 16
147:00 pmMen’s 3rd Round/Women’s Round of 16
Monday, September 2nd
1511:00 amMen’s/Women’s Round of 16
167:00 pmMen’s/Women’s Round of 16
Tuesday, September 3rd
1711:00 amMen’s Round of 16/Women’s Quarterfinals
187:00 pmMen’s Round of 16/Women’s Quarterfinals
Wednesday, September 4th
1911:00 amMen’s and/or Women’s Quarterfinals
207:00 pmMen’s and/or Women’s Quarterfinals
Thursday, September 5th
2111:00 amMen’s Quarterfinals
227:00 pmMen’s Quarterfinals
Friday, September 6th
2311:00 amWomen’s Semifinals/Mixed Doubles Final
Saturday, September 7th
2411:00 amMen’s Semifinals/Women’s Doubles Final
Sunday, September 8th
2512:00 amWomen’s Finals/Men’s Doubles Final
Monday, September 9th
265:00 pmMen’s Final