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Smoking Accommodations

Can you smoke on a private jet?

smoking on private jetsThe short answer is yes, although whether or not you can on a specific aircraft is determined on a case by case basis. Many private aircraft owners are just as particular with their planes as they are with their homes and automotive vehicles, as so should you be with your private flight preferences. Each aircraft maintains its own operational policies as far as what is and what is not allowed on board.

The moment you decided to use a private plane for your travel was the moment you took control of your flight options. If your preference is to enjoy a cigar, pipe or cigarette while you are in flight, we will arrange for an aircraft that allows smoking. Likewise, if you have a tobacco, nicotine, or smoke allergy just inform us ahead of time and we will take the necessary steps to ensure your comfort.

Our brokers will match your personal preferences with the right aircraft in order to make your private flight experience exactly the way you want it. Whether you prefer smoking or non-smoking on-board, we respect everyone’s personal preferences. Simply let one of our Advisors know ahead of time and we will arrange your private flight accordingly.

Rules & Regulations

As of 2000, federal law prohibit smoking on all domestic commercial airlines, despite the fact that, by law, commercial airliners must still have an ashtray installed inside of their lavatories. Private aircraft owners allowing passengers to smoke on their private jet must still follow the rules and regulations set forth by the FAA detailed in FAR (23.853 – Passenger & Crew Compartment Interiors), including a adequate number ashtrays an appropriate signage.

A few international airlines such as Air Algeria, Cubana and Iran Air still allow smoking in certain sections on their flights, which is why most of the signage remains on domestic airliners today.

smoking on a private plane
Courtesy of KLM

E-cigarettes and vape pens

The FAA has banned the use of e-cigarettes during commercial flights, and they are still updating their regulations regarding air travel and e-cigarettes. Although one may assume they are permitted during private air travel, please check with your representatives to verify that e-cigarettes and vapor pens are owner approved to avoid potential issues during your flight.