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Flight Department Back-up

Running a corporate flight department is a tough job. Regulations, crew medicals, scheduling, dispatching, pop-up trips, etc…

flight back-up for corporations
Source: pixabay

Most trip routing will be simply point A to point B. Your mission may be a round-trip flight, or a multi-leg international road show. In most cases, your own experienced and professional flight department will handle all of these requests with flying colors, but what if there is a need for a larger aircraft? What if finance tells you, “We want to maximize our flight hours, a smaller aircraft will be fine for this mission…”

What if a worst case scenario becomes a reality and there is a mechanical while your executives are in a remote location and have only just a few hours before the next scheduled client meeting or board meeting? Let’s opt for a favorable scenario and pretend your aircraft is just going in for routine, scheduled maintenance – who will you call to back you up during this time?

Some flight managers have long term relationships with local operators and have called upon them in the past; some have not had any need for supplemental lift in the past. Please allow us the opportunity to fill your need by having us search through our approved vendor network. Finding the right vendor for supplemental lift can be quite a job in itself. Going through procurement, finance, legal, etc… Don’t make it more difficult for yourself; let us handle the rest for you.

Our team will make sure that your private aircraft charter price is competitive; we will make sure the aircraft and crew are qualified and follow the highest safety procedures – above industry standards. Last but not least, we will give you the opportunity to impress your superiors and allow them to say, “Great job, you were ready for anything”.