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Jets to Yachts Experience

Whether you have your own private luxury motor yacht or you are planning on chartering one for a vacation or corporate event, chances are that the vessel is docked at a beautiful luxury marina, not located by a commercial airport. If you are in need of private jet charter or helicopter charter service to reach your yacht or sailboat, we are here to help.

Private Jet Charter Yacht Charters

When preparing for your next off-shore fishing trip, corporate yacht event, or at sea adventure, make sure to arrive in style and luxuriously by private jet charter service. A great advantage is being able to arrive at an airport closer to your ship than if flying commercially.

Similar to the experience on a private yacht with a captain and crew, your private jet charter flight will bring a feeling of exclusivity, luxury, and peace of mind. Whether your charter flight is a few hours by private jet or 20 minutes by helicopter service we can help with the arrangements.

The Air Charter Advisors are based near Fort Lauderdale; the yacht capital of the world. With that in mind, we have local representation attending many luxury yacht shows in the South Florida and New England regions of the USA.

If you are in the market to purchase a private super yacht, let us know! We can arrange your helicopter or jet charter transportation to and from your home to meet with a yacht broker specialist anywhere in the world. Please let us know if you would like to meet someone from our team in person. We will gladly make it our top priority to greet you when you are in town.

For your convenience, we’ve partnered with “The Hattrick Yacht”. Yes, the private yacht charter featured in “The Robb Report” and seen on the Donald Trump television show “The Apprentice”. This 65 ft Sport Fish Hatteras is based at the Montauk Yacht Club and is perfect for family and corporate fishing, or a lovely romantic cruise around Long Island, the Hamptons, Montauk, or Block Isle. To view pictures of “The Hattrick Yacht”, or schedule a yacht charter please visit or call us!