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Qatar Jet Charter

Private Flights to/from Qatar

Air Charter Advisors has been a global leader of business and luxury aviation since 2012, and our worldwide private jet charter services cover Qatar and surrounding areas of the Middle East. Qatar is a small Arabian nation home to more than 2.6 million people, more than 2 million of which are expatriates.

qatar jet charter
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Whether you’re flying private for a luxury vacation, business meeting or special event, our on-demand air charter services are available to/from any travel destination in Qatar and neighboring areas. Travel to the Middle East using our Qatar private jet charter service and arrive in style for your next trip.

Private Jet Destinations in Qatar

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Qatar, officially known as the State of Qatar, is a small nation located on the Qatari Peninsula in the Persian Gulf, bordered by the Gulf of Bahrain to the west, the Persian Gulf to the east, and Saudi Arabia along the south.

It became a major pearl trading center under the Abbasid Caliphate towards the end of the first millennium and has been an independent nation since 1971, following centuries of rule under British, Ottoman, Saudi, and Bahraini control.

Today, Qatar is disproportionately wealthy considering its diminutive size, with a high-income economy driven by the third-largest natural gas reserves and oil reserves in the world. It also plays a major cultural role in the Arab world with its Al Jazeera Media Network.

Doha, the oceanside capital and largest city, is known for its ultramodern architecture, from a downtown skyline full modern and futuristic skyscrapers to the Museum of Islamic Art, made of limestone and inspired by ancient Islamic design.

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