New CDC Testing Requirements for Entry into the United States

Negative tests to be Required for Entry into the US from Foreign Countries

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has announced that effective January 26th, 2021, negative COVID testing requirements will be expanded to all air passengers entering the United States from foreign countries, including both commercial & business aviation.

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These broader requirements are similar to those recently used for travel between the UK and US, where a more transmissible variant has appeared. These guidelines require all passengers arriving to the US from a foreign country to receive a negative test result no more than 3 days prior to their flight, and to provide proof of the negative result prior to boarding both commercial and private planes.

For more information on this testing requirement, visit the CDC’s Frequently Asked Questions.

Similar requirements are in place for passengers who have tested positive and recovered, with documentation from a licensed healthcare provider or public health official clearing passengers for travel.

How will this this impact private jet travelers?

Effective January 26th, 2021, all aircraft operators – including those operating private charter flights – will be required to comply with the following obligations for all passengers:

Additional requirements are in place for passengers with connecting flights, which will not apply in the case of most private flights.

Operators should review the CDC order to determine what constitutes a valid test, then provide appropriate guidance to crewmembers, dispatchers or other personnel tasked with the test confirmation activities described above.

The NBAA expects the following exemptions to apply for:

Visit the CDC Website for the latest travel requirements: