The Air Charter Advisors team signed up for an NBAA membership in July, 2012 and have renewed our membership annually since. As an ongoing supporter of business aviation, “BizAv”, we benefit greatly as a top player in the industry.

2012 Certificate of Membership NBAA

The National Business Aviation Association membership entitles our team of private aviation consultants to stay up-to-date with aircraft knowledge, compliance issues, safety standards, and also network with our vendors.

2013 Certificate of Membership NBAA

Annual events such as the Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition, along with Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference allows us more face-to-face time with prospective clients interested in aircraft acquisitions, along with vendors in our Star Operator Network.

2014 Certificate of Membership NBAA

The NBAA holds many seminars, webinars, and industry conventions throughout the world and they take place all year long. It is an honor to be members and our affiliation helps our private aviation company by allowing us to strengthen long standing relationships with companies who may be across the globe, and also assists in solidifying relationships with charter companies we may not currently do business with.

2015 Certificate of Membership NBAA

The NBAA membership consists of industry professionals relating to Aviation. Each conference may attract different parts of the industry. Some conferences will be for the industry as a whole, attracting everyone from aircraft manufacturers, to charter companies, to parts sales companies.

2016 Certificate of Membership NBAA

While the Air Charter Advisors continues to support the NBAA, we also find that support local associations also help.

2017 Certificate of Membership NBAA