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Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras. Two little words, one big party – and a ton of beads.

Experience the celebration of Mardi Gras this year by chartering a private flight to New Orleans, Louisiana for you and your Krewe!

Air Charter Advisors can book your private jet charter to (NEW) Lakefront Airport just in time for the party. Or if you’d prefer, we can arrange your private flight to land at (MSY) Louis Armstrong International Airport in Jefferson Parrish, located just 20 minutes from the French Quarter.

From there, you’ll free to let loose and enjoy all the delights and debauchery the Big Easy has to offer.

What is Mardi Gras?

Also known as Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday, the first Mardi Gras was held in New Orleans, and the celebration originally landed in the United States in the late 18th century, when French explorers landed 60 miles south of New Orleans on the eve of the holiday, and declared the site “Point du Mardi Gras”.

The festival cerebrates the final day of decadence and debauchery before landing on Ash Wednesday, when everyone behaves themselves during lent.

The parades run for days leading up to Mardi Gras, with St. Charles Avenue the most popular route for parade watchers; each parade is called a “Krewe”, and each krewe features a different theme and story.

New Orleans is celebrated as one of the most influential cities in music, and the parades and celebrations of Mardi Gras pay homage to the traditional jazz and big-band brass the city is famous for.

Local Airports for Mardi Gras Private Flights

Air Charter Advisors uses the following airports to arrange private jet charter service to/from New Orleans, Louisiana for this year’s Mardi Gras. Learn more information about private aviation in New Orleans.

(KMSY, MSY) Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, New Orleans – Louisiana
Longest Runway: 10,104 Feet

(KNEW, NEW) Lakefront Airport, New Orleans – Louisiana
Longest Runway: 6,879 Feet

Request a Mardi Gras Jet Charter Quote

Mardi Gras is celebrated this year on February 28, 2017 – don’t miss out on your chance to crawl down Bourbon Street with thousands of revelers on Fat Tuesday! Call the Air Charter Advisors now at 1-888-987-5387 or contact us via email with your trip details!