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Indianapolis 500

The following image below is a copy of our Indy 500 / Memorial Day Weekend 2015 email bulletin, wishing our clients a happy and healthy holiday season. This image below is a reproduction and the links will not function.

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Indy 500 Memorial Day 2015

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The Indy 500 is coming back to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sunday, May 24th. This date also falls on Memorial Day Weekend of 2015, the 25th being Memorial Day. Nationally celebrated as a day to honor our fallen heroes who served in the country’s armed forces, all Americans, as well as Government buildings, which have a raised flag on their property lower the flag to half-staff. This tradition is symbolic in remembrance of the men and women lost during their service to the United States. American flags remain at half-staff until noon. Then, the flag is once again raised as a resolve to not let the deaths of our heroes be in vain.
In celebration of American justice and freedom, many celebrations take place, as do traditions. There are parades and marching bands, the Memorial Golf Tournament takes place, as does the Coca-Cola stock car race. The longest-standing tradition however, is the Indianapolis 500. At the Indy 500, watch drivers race around the two-and-a-half mile oval circuit, for two hundred laps, and a total of 500 miles. The very first race took place in 1911, which means the Indy 500 has been going on for over 100 years, and since 1974, it has taken place every Memorial Weekend on Sunday.
If you’re a real fan, and want to watch your favorites before the seats fill up, for two weeks before the Indy 500, practice runs and time trials are held in preparation for the race. Speaking of the seats filling up, the stadium can seat over 250,000 people, and past races have had as many as 300,000 people attending the event.
There are also a ton of events going on through the month of May, beginning the 3rd, leading up to Memorial Weekend and the day of the race. Check out the IMS Racing Experience, go to the museum, and attend Coors Light Carb Day and the Jane’s Addiction Concert, or one of the many concerts going on during Legends Day, presented by Firestone.
The best way to get to Indianapolis in time for the Indy 500 is to take a private jet, and a jet charter can help you book a flight to Indianapolis so you can join the hundreds of thousands of people at the Indy 500 this year. Air Charter Advisors will get you on that flight. Give us a call and contact us now for a personal reservation. During the Indy 500, local airports in Indianapolis are extremely congested with flyers from all over the world coming to see the race, so don’t miss the events by arranging your flight too late!
If you want to book a Private Jet Charter for the Indy 500, let us know ASAP. Otherwise you may miss out on your chance…
Happy Holidays from The Air Charter Advisors!