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Hawaiian Getaway

Summer’s coming to a screeching halt, so now’s your last chance to cash in on those vacation days and soak in some of 2016’s final summer rays! And, of course, the best way to do that is by renting a private jet and waving goodbye to the continent as you whisk yourself away to Hawaii.

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Full of history, tradition, and culture, Hawaii is not your average island getaway. Unlike most island destinations that lack any local identity, Hawaii always presents the opportunity to travel off of the beaten path, see something seldom seen, and make it back home in time for dinner. Generations of Hawaiians pass down legends, superstitions, and customs to their children; then they weave them surreptitiously into every facet of life.

You’ll see notes for visitors, warning against taking home volcanic rocks as souvenirs – less you anger the Goddess Pele. You’ll hear native Hawaiian words weaved into everyday speech, and you’ll see locals throw up shaka signs whenever something awesome happens. It’s this culture that still thrives in the islands, and makes Hawaii a premier luxury destination. A land of enclaves, hidden waterfalls, constant rainbows, and frothing volcanoes, Hawaii takes the word “vacation” to new heights.

From boutique 11-room Hotel Lanai in Lanai City to the Four Seasons Resorts on every island, there’s no limit to the lodging experiences one can have in the islands. Yet, some options are more worth mentioning than others. In honor of summer’s end, Air Charter Advisors has compiled a list of the absolute best places to stay in Hawaii, so read on and see how long you can last before calling to book your luxury private flight to Hawaii!


When it comes to Honolulu hotels, nothing comes close to the understated, elegant Halekulani. Despite its prime Waikiki Beach location, the beautiful, whitewashed property remains remarkably Zen-like thanks to the lush gardens that surround it.Its newly renovated guest rooms are refreshingly low-key, with neutral décor that allows the ocean views to steal the show. The hotel’s most remarkable feature? Its beachfront freshwater pool with an orchid made out of 1.2 million pieces of blue glass at its center.2199 Kalia Rd, Honolulu, HI 96815
(808) 923-2311

St. Regis Princeville

Located on the exclusive North Shore of Kaua’i, the St. Regis Princeville slides into first place in nearly every list of similar topic on the internet. This is the type of resort that makes the outside world seem like a distant memory. Here private jet travelers can enjoy limitless skies filled with white birds passing by like strings of pearls, and rocky formations that reach for the stars and then shy away to form deep ravines. Their landscapes changing before eyes can settle and acclimate to them, the thousands of acres owned by the St. Regis are fickle. So book a week there, or stay for longer; either way, your eyes will never get used to the beauty.St. Regis is generally considered to be the most upscale lodging option in the Hawaiian Islands. It offers several amenities that set it above the rest, including Five Star dining, a top-tier golf course with stunning views, and generously appointed multi-room suites.5520 Ka Haku Rd, Princeville, HI 96722
(808) 826-9644
St. Regis Princeville

Montage Kapalua Bay

“Pono” is the ancient Hawaiian word for a true sense of balance and harmony.The Montage Resort imbues this ancient island tradition into every aspect of its service. Carefully allowing modern amenities to take root in its traditional soil, The Montage creates a balance that entices guests into a profound sense of relaxation, and beckons them to enjoy not just an experience, but also a culture. This Five Star resort continuously earns its reputation as Kapalua Bay’s premier luxury tradition. Its unimpeachable staff works tirelessly to ensure that every basic need is met, so that guests can take the time to transcend the worries of everyday living.1 Bay Dr, Lahaina, HI 96761
(808) 662-6600
Montage Kapalua Bay

Four Seasons Resort Hualalai (Presidential Villa)

If you prefer being right in the thick of the action, to sequestering yourself in a luxurious yet isolated compound, the Four Seasons Resorts at Hualalai is where you want to spend your last few weeks of summer. This Five Star resort embraces the concepts of nature, the ocean, and open air like no other. Spacious balconies beseech you to leave your suite, while lush walkways and naturalistic architecture make it easy to forget that you’re in a resort. Shades of brown and green, and grainy white permeate the resort, making it feel as if you’re always on the beach. And the integrated feel of the building with their surroundings make it difficult to tell where Hawaii ends and the Four Seasons begins, or if it ends at all. So for those private jet travelers that want luxury without sacrificing Hawaii’s natural atmosphere, consider staying at the Four Seasons Hualalai after your luxury private flight.72-100 Kaupulehu Dr, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740
(808) 325-8000
Four Seasons Resort Hualalai (Presidential Villa)

Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea

If the Four Seasons Resorts do anything well it’s their presidential suites, and the Four Seasons Maui is no exception; it even goes on to blow the other options out of the water. Book a few nights in the “Maile” Presidential Suite. This 3-bedroom suite offers the finest accouterments set to a 360-degree view of the Pacific Ocean. The property is immaculate, elegant, and is the perfect setting in which to enjoy all of the amenities offered. Enjoy loaner Kindles by the pool, free drinks, and gourmet dining all at your fingertips at this Five Star getaway. On top of the awesome amenities, this gorgeous resort option provides everything with impeccable service, making your trip one to remember.3900 Wailea Alanui Dr, Wailea, HI 96753
(808) 874-8000
Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea

Four Seasons Resort Lanai

Sequestered among the dense foliage and breathtaking scenery of Lanai’s central highlands, this Five Star Four Seasons location knows a thing or two about luxury. Shooting for a warm and cozy atmosphere, many of the luxury suites are generously appointed- often offering such amenities as in-room fireplaces, 40-inch LCD televisions, and lighting fast internet speeds. Known for its small town charm, unrivaled seclusion in the islands, and its colorful décor, the Four Seasons at Lanai is one of the top options for luxury private jet travelers. So if you’re hoping for an end to your summer that’s filled with serenity, peace, and a sense of ‘ohana, then Lanai is the island for you.1 Manele Bay Rd, Lanai City, HI 96763
(808) 565-2000
Four Seasons Resort Lanai

Local Airports for Charter Flights to Hawaii

  • (PHNL, HNL) Honolulu International Airport – Kahului, Hawaii
    • Longest Runway: 12,312 feet
  • (PHNY, LNY) Lanai City Airport – Lanai City, Hawaii
    • Longest Runway: 5,001 feet
  • (PHKO, KOA) Kona International Airport – Kalaoa, Hawaii
    • Longest Runway: 11,000 feet
  • (PHOG, OGG) Kahului Airport – Kahului, Hawaii
    • Longest Runway: 6,995 feet
  • (PHJH, JHM) Kapalua-West Maui Airport – Kapalua, Hawaii
    • Longest Runway: 3,000 feet
  • (PHLI, LIH) Lihue Airport – Lihue, Hawaii
    • Longest Runway: 6,500 feet

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