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Supplemental Lift

Whether you own a private aircraft, work for a company with a fleet of corporate jets, or you’re a frequent flyer with a fractional share of a private aircraft, you need to be prepared in the event your aircraft is unavailable for your next trip. Many things can happen leading up to your trip, and should something come up, we’re here to help!

The Air Charter Advisors can arrange an aircraft on-the-fly when:

  • Your trip calls for a different size aircraft due to passenger count, flight distance or destination
  • Routine or scheduled maintenance is being performed, interfering with your travel plans
  • You’re upgrading or refurbishing your aircraft and an important trip comes up
  • An unexpected mechanical problem arises and you need an aircraft – today

What Is Supplemental Lift?

Aircraft owners and corporate flight groups utilizing supplemental lift are provided with access to substitute aircraft when their private aircraft is unavailable.

Photo courtesy of Embraer

Aircraft owners and corporate flight departments may use supplemental lift to fill the gap if an aircraft is undergoing maintenance, when a need arises for a simultaneous trip, or for flights originating or landing outside a plane’s normal operating range. With a supplemental lift program in place, you’re able to access an aircraft when yours is unavailable. Otherwise, executives may have to rely on commercial or other travel options.

Supplemental Lift for Aircraft Owners

Our team at Air Charter Advisors can arrange your supplemental charter aircraft in as little as 4 to 6 hours, without any of the upfront acquisition or management fees associated with ownership. You’re also given to opportunity to fly in a newer, nicer, more luxuriously equipped private jet, with the same privacy, comfort and peace of mind that you’re used to when flying your own aircraft. Also, with supplemental lift, you have no restrictions – we have access to thousands of planes in an array of sizes that can travel anywhere around the world!

Supplemental Lift for Fractional Owners

Many factional owners find that chartering a supplemental aircraft provides them with more convenience and flexibility in terms of aircraft size and flight distance, making it a desirable addition to their private jet ownership. If you’re a fractional owner, you can use your hours more efficiently! Our team offers unlimited quote comparisons – no request is too big or too small, and we would be happy to work with you in arranging a supplemental lift so you can save your flight hours for another trip when it’s cost effective. Chartering a supplemental lift allows you to fly in a newer, more lavishly equipped aircraft, without the restrictions of a specific fleet or operator.

Premium Wyvern Broker Member for Supplemental Lift

Our number one goal is passenger safety, and our due-diligence processes and safety standards meet and exceed those set by the FAA. Our company is a Premium Wyvern Broker Member, a globally recognized seal of aviation safety.

Furthermore, we established our “Star Operator Network”, which is our list of approved vendors who meet or surpass the rigorous criteria shaped by the top Fortune 500 flight departments. Because of this, many high-profile companies use our aviation service when their aircraft is unavailable.

From corporate and group travel, sports team charter and live entertainment touring to personal leisure travel, let our team at Air Charter Advisors help arrange a supplemental lift program for your corporate flight department, individually owned aircraft or fractional aircraft ownership. We can also assist with aircraft acquisition and/or aircraft sales for those interested in buying or selling their private planes.

Contact ACA

Call us at (888) 987-JETS or send us an e-mail for more details about how ACA supplemental lift can be a valuable addition to your private aviation portfolio.