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Aircraft on Ground

How Air Charter Advisors can help

If you’re working for a commercial airliner and need to fly parts and/or mechanics to the site of an AOG, our team can help! Air Charter Advisors offers AOG (Aircraft on Ground) support service for operators and airliners.

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Our brokers arranges private flights to and from anywhere in the world using FAR Part 135 air carriers in our Star Operator Network, and with access to thousands private planes in different sizes and ranges, we can quickly arrange a jet charter flight to get your parts or mechanics on-site.

Call us at 1-888-987-5387 (JETS) and speak to one of our flight support specialists to go over the options when arranging private flights for AOG.

What is AOG?

AOG is an acronym used in aviation maintenance to describe an “Aircraft on Ground”, when a commercial or private aircraft experiences mechanical issues that prevent it from flying.

Once an airliner or private jet has been marked as AOG, there is a rush to acquire the necessary parts and personnel to repair the aircraft and return it to service in order to prevent further delays and cancellations.

Any parts or aviation materials immediately needed for repair are either flown, driven or shipped to the aircraft’s location, and there are several AOG suppliers who dispatch parts and service workers whenever the situation arises.

Airliners take steps to mitigate the effects by running dedicated AOG Desks, where per FAA regulations, support personnel are trained to loan and borrow parts from other air carriers. They also work in concert with their air carriers’ maintenance team to ensure all parts, materials and mechanics come together rapidly and efficiently.

Contact us for AOG Support

Request a Quote or give us a call at 1-888-987-5387 to speak with one of our private jet charter agents to arrange a supplemental flight to deal with an AOG.

* Please note: if hazardous materials are being transported, be advised that extra documentation will be required and may require extra time to process