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Airport Slots

During major events such as the Super Bowl, the Olympics, and major Holiday travel periods, many airports throughout the country will be extremely congested with private flyers from all over the world visiting for these events and Holidays.

How Airport Slots Work:

In order to accommodate as many air charter passengers as possible during these events, the local airports generally implement a traffic management system for the private planes which will require slotted times for arrivals and departures for ALL aircraft.

Airport Parking Slots - FBO Ramp

In non-aviation terminology, Slotted arrivals and departures are considered a prior permission to land or depart from the Air Traffic Controllers (ATC), and the ATC is very specific about being on time.

Slots are generally in place for airports in the surrounding area of most major events sporting and fashion events, and governmental summits.

Every aircraft whether commercial plane or private jet must request in advance, and receive a designated time to depart and arrive into the local airports.

These times are based on availability, and traffic patterns, not necessarily what flyers prefer. However, the earlier you book your flight, the better chance you have at receiving your requested time(s) for arrival and departures.

Airports that implement traffic management programs during events and holidays will also have limited slot availability, and desired slots are booked up rather quickly.

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Additionally, “At the request of the Department of Homeland Security, the FAA may establish airspace restrictions over the major events, which may cause for longer flight times than anticipated.”