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Registered Trademark

The Air Charter Advisors, Inc. team has worked hard to create and build our private air charter brand. We focus on assisting individuals and organizations that rely on private planes and helicopters to conduct their daily business and/or enjoy their standard of living.

We believe our existence in BizAv is vital as we are dedicated to providing excellent service, which seems to be a true dividing wall from some of our competitors.

The Air Charter Advisors are considered to be a top charter brokerage in the private aviation industry by many of our loyal clients and our vendors. We don’t claim to have been around for 35 years, or to have access to 10,000 jets through the world. Our claim is to have your safety as our priority; which is based on our experience and third party resources that we make use of. Of course we will work hard to offer competitive pricing, but without sacrifices.

Every day we promote our private jet charter brokerage to clients, and we try to make it clear that we are not “Sales People”. We are Advisors. Our trademark and corporation name should indicate trust, and we like the “Consultative Approach”. As an agent for our clients, we sell a service and are here to build long-term relationships with them.

Lastly, we believe that to be an Air Charter Advisor, you must conduct yourself with a certain manner and we only employ individuals capable to represent such a name. As The Air Charter Advisors, we stand behind our brand.

Air Charter Advisors is a registered trademark with the United Stated Patent and Trademark Office as described below:

If you are interested in using our logo/branding for partnerships or press, please contact us for prior written consent at [email protected].