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ACA turns 5!

Air Charter Advisors celebrates its 5 year anniversary!

In the summer of 2012, Air Charter Advisors started it’s private aviation journey in a small office downtown Miami with the goal of providing a transparent, and consultative air charter service for private flyers.

Since then, our jet charter brokerage has continued to grow year after year, now headquartered in our own office in South Florida. We’ve had the privilege of flying some of the best clients in the business, including heads of state, royal families, and high-profile VIP clients in a variety of fields. For all of the changes we’ve undergone as a company, one thing has remained the same since day one: our commitment to safety and our goal to deliver the best service for every flight.

If you’ve worked with us in the past, then you know why we do what we do. However, you may be unfamiliar with our mission statement and the way we operate. Here’s a look at how we’ve become one of the most trusted charter brokers in the industry.

Commitment to Safety

After noticing that the barriers for entry were very low for charter brokers, our team made a commitment to following some of the most stringent safety and due diligence processes in aviation. As one of a select number of Wyvern-registered charter brokers worldwide, our goal is to go above and beyond FAA requirements for every flight we arrange to provide clients with peace of mind when arranging their charter flights.

Our team is not about “selling” , we are about “assisting”, and while doing so we appreciate tools such as the FAA Airmen Inquiry, the FAA ASIAS / AIDS system, the NTSB Aviation Accident Database & Synopsis system, along with certain third-party safety reports that allow us to help you make decisions about which aircraft to utilize for your flight. We look at aircraft operator history, and pilot experience to offer a peace of mind. When providing our clients private aircraft options, for each flight we only work with FAR Part 135 (or foreign equivalent) air carriers. Our relationship with aircraft providers in our Star Operator Network allows us to offer exclusive rates to pass the savings on to you.

Not every broker follows the same principles as we do, and we’ve heard the horror stories – run down aircraft with old, unpleasant interiors; brokers who bait and switch planes on the day of the flight; pilots who recently finished flight school and have limited experience flying that particular model aircraft; additional fees and charges that went undisclosed.

When you book your on demand flight with Air Charter Advisors, you’re getting exactly what you paid for. There are No hidden fees, No membership sign-ups, or upfront costs. No hassles. No surprises. Of course if you prefer to have guaranteed hourly rates and decide that a Jet Card is best for your needs, our Jet Card Membership service will have up front costs and membership fees that are required.

Thank You From ACA!

A big thank you to all of our employees + interns (both current and past), our supportive family and friends, and of course our amazing customers. It has been an exciting journey over the last 5 years to arrive at this point, and we’re looking forward to where the next 5 years will take us!